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Tuesday 9 May 2006

Report: Alor Star Mini Marathon

I'm tired, exhausted, thirsty, dehydrated.. and they gave SunQuick - "TQVM!"

As stated in registration from. The race start at 7:30. But 7:30 thay start warming-up, aerobic dance... bla.. blaaa.. blaaaah. Nearly 8am.. baru start. Matahari sudah naik tinggi. 21km not start yet!.

There were two 21km categories. Men and Women open.

Running route, Jalan Pantai Johor... passing nice scenery of paddy field, then Mahkamah, Ampang Jajar, Masjid Aman, Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim then inside Alor Star town, Pekan Rabu, Stadium and end at Wisma Darulaman.

@5km. 1st water-station. They served SunQuick.
Skip.. Hoping for a plain water for next w/station

<@10km - was running smooth. Racing with 3-4 young army. Potong, dipotong, potong, dipotong again and goes on. Until reaching 2nd water-station. Left geng army behind. Pick-up water cup. Sip on run. Hah!! SunQuick lagi.. manis nak mampus!!.. melekat ditekak. "Plain water ada ka?!"
"Tak dak!"
"Sh*t.. "
dalam hati..

Terus buang. For me.. sweet drink not help on the run. Running with gula melekat ditekak.. Terseksa!! Plain water laa.. or air paip pon tak pa...

Looking at my stopwatch... 45.45 - Aiiyooh! cepatnyer. I could do 1:40.

Matahari tinggi. Panas. Keta, lori, moto, bas, gerek racing pon dah penuh kat jalan. Polis dok sibuk jaga trafik bagi laluan untuk runners. Passing junction, I gave TQ sign for them for a long queue. I know dalam hati depa.. sure maki seranah.

15km. 10meter to reach 3nd water station..
"Plain water ada ka?!" - jerit!
"Tak dak!"
"!@$%$%/>%^&*(+("/>@(&^" - maki seranah/berjela.. inside laa.

Skip again..
Timing was 25.07 (1:11.53) from 10km mark. 3 Pompuan Open sudah potong aku. Devamani, Siam and another indian. My pace.. drop. Really need plain water. Keep searching any water taps around. Wish.. i bring cash to buy mineral water. Mata hitam pun sudah naik atas.

For me.. running 10km without drinking water, it's OK. But 12-13km... need it badly. Couldn't focus on the run. Cari paip air. Really dehydrated.. Run slow gila. Ada sorang mamat army tu.. aku left him very far behind.. sampai aku pon tak nampak - Dah potong aku.

Stopwatch.. 1:30. A sign-board shown "Bandar Alor Star 4km"
Hah! Wisma Darulaman.. sure lagi 1km from Bandar Alor Star (4+1km). Base on my timing @1:30.. only 2-3km more to finish line. Habis! No top 20 lagi dah..

Reach 4th w/station @ Bangunan JKR - Tutuh berkandaq ayeq SunQuick. 4-5 cups. Burrrr!! Kenyang.. and walk!! 1:45. Patut habis dah. And i know the road very well... lagi 2-3 km lagi baru sampai.

Run-Walk-walk-walk-run-walk... Was thinking.. This my worst 21km timing. Sure > 2hour. Pasing Stadium Darulaman, Bomba, Jln Sultanah and Menteri.. then slow jog until finish line. 1:59.18. Teroookkk.

Terkezut aku... the marshall gave a position card. - Still top 20 hahahaaaaa.. lawaknyer! - alhamduliah.

1. I really hate if government organized a run event for first time. Be extra pre-caution. Be prepare/equip yourself with drinking water, carry some cash and hoping for fun run only.. no PR please.

2. Very late flag-off time. Bagi aku takpa... but what about other runners behind. I mean... >2-3 hours finishers. 21km category MUST flag-off.. paling last at 7am. 6:30am - Cantek.

3. This Alor Star Mini Marathon... more on entertainment event. Sing songs, dancing, bands, karaoke and etc..

4. Collaborate with Persatuan Olahraga Amatur Kedah Utara... but i think this politician org.. They not runners and understand runners needs. My suggestion.. better collaborate with running club such as Alor Star Jogging Club (ASJC) or Jitra running club. Ask for advise.

5. The distance... please.. kasi ngam 21km. Plus-minus 500m - it's OK.

6. Alor Star Mini Marathon?! Should be Alor Star Half Marathon.

7. Thumb-up to police-men - taking care of traffic.

@Wisma Darul Aman early morning

Registration booths, X-Pax and SunQuick

Starting line

Starting line

Finish line

Finish line

Long waiting.. for VIPs finisher of 21km

Watching the sexy dancers Action lebih.. then something wrong with the CD - ahaks!

Me and Nordin >40yrs... He finished in 6th in 10km/36mins! - OMG!

My lucky medal

Men Open 21km Result
Women Open 21km Result

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  • when i saw the caption of Bliea Benci Dadah...

    it reminds me of Mawi...


    well done bro!

    By Blogger TriStupe, at 11:24 am  

  • Wah!! big fan of Mawi.. i guess..


    By Blogger aharis, at 2:49 pm  

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