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Thursday 4 May 2006

Report: BM Hill Baithlon

..Beware on what you wish for. That's the power of dream and setting the target. Do apply it. Not only on competition events but in your life, works or anything. Hhhmmm... where am i in next 5 years..... still on the roads.. maybe.

The Event
At Bukit Cherok To'kun. Start at 1pm (tengahari lit-lit). 102 participations. Including all the category. Open, senior, veteran, women and Combo (MiX). Registered in Open category. Which mean i'm doing individual. Using my old MTB. Baru basuh a day before after >10 yrs tak mandi. Spend nearly RM 100 on gear, chain and minor accessories. Taukey kedai tu pun masuk jugak, doing Combo.

@Site. Cilaka! semua gerek bukan calang2 punya brand. Segan betul aku. Hide my bike bawah pokok then pi sembang.. pretend i'm the runner.

Actually.. that the 1st mistake i did. Terlalu memperkecilkan diri sendiri and thinking of other hebat on their bike. Tengok brand pun dah kecut perut dah aku... - Mental betul!

The Route and Race
BM Baithlon.. a MTB ride and trail run discipline. Climb Bukit Cherok To' Kun (Anwar Ibrahim punya area) with MTB for 4km.. Kerabat! No flat road. All the way.. Probably 30 - 40 degree. And a trail runs for 4-5km.

Flag-off by categories in 5mins different. Start with veteran, senior, women, combo and lastly.. Open. Flat road only 100-200meter. Then... tadaaaaaa.. pakat menelong sorang2. Riuh bunyi tukaq, pi lower gear... kok-kak-kok-kak-kok-kak.

2nd mistake i did.. i start far behind the group. Malu dgn gerek.

1km.. still OK for me. Kaki ligat dok kayuh. Pi? tak kemana pon. Another 500metre.. menelong. Right-left-right-left. 2-3 org potong aku. Got another front lower gear not use. But geram punya pasal. Turun gerek-tutun and ligan sapa yang potong aku.

3rd mistake: Didn't try change to lowest gear and keep-on pedalling.

Was run for 100-200 meter then.. walk-run-walk-ride-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-crawl until transition area. - Suffer! Tutuh air satu botol.

Buang helmet. Poofff.. - lega. Running discipline.
Running down-hill thru trail route. I love trail. The only palat.. my small size of Pegasus. 4th mistake - eemmm.. naaahhh.

The trail route 40% up and 60% down-hill. Tanah licin/lembab. My playground!. The route was mark by pieces of papers (Mengotorkan hutan!). Sometimes.. need to climb-up, hold-on roots, pushing bontot each others, merangkak and luckily not tersungkur.

Really got what i wish for. Speed Run. Potong anybody i could see in-front. Don't care what category they are. In-fact only one bib# was provided and pinned on chest. Got 2 bikers behind... follow my bontot. Still wearing the helmet. Pecut + left them while running down-hill.

Until flat road. 500metre to finish line. Got 2 runners in-front. Shit!. Pit-stop at St.John members asking for water bottle. Drink abit. The rest.... pour on head. Tarik nafas. Pecut gila babi. Potong both runners... and cross the tape.

The Result
Bib#: M029
Overall finishers: 33th
By Open category: 11th
Own timing:
Bike: 36.34
Transition: .27 (37.02)
Run: 56.27 (1:33.29)
I should snap official results with timing.. but ahhh.. pap! pap!

Najib + Jiran dia (Azizan/bike) won 4th. Got RM500.
Open category won by Razani.. yap! the ironman and his flanks.

Some comments on this event.
1. Fee too expensive compare to the treatment given.
2. Opening speech said.. "Jaga kehijauan/kebersihan hutan"... but they use pieces of papers to mark the trail route. And alot of water bottles throw by bikers and runners.
3. Start 1:15pm!
4. Who love trail run most... Hash2!.. Why they run? For drink! - A lot of Tiger bottles there and busuk laaa...
5. Bib# cantik. Once kena air.. hancus.

I got what i wish for. Fun ride on bike and speed run. I wish i could revert and change to FAST ride. I know.. i can do much more better on that bike.

A joke.. by Najib.
"Hang tengok banyak-banyak basekal kat sini... Basekal sapa ada tongkat?"
- Hantu nko!!!!

The Briefing

Trophy and Cheque

Azizan + Najib + Me

The Crowd

The Heat

Regular visitor and runner

Combo. The runners, going up-hill and waiting for bikers

Flaf-off of Veteran category

Next category. Still flat.

Start climbing


Razani on right

Open category

Spot me!.. - behind the yellow tshirt

Spot me!.. - Hehehe.. only my bontot

A few meter to finish line

Open. 4th winner

Don't know who.. kasi meriah + byk pics

Combo. Veteran

Finish line

Hahaha.. muka.. teran

Meleleh after speed.


Having lunch

Top 8 winners. Lead by Razani.

Finishers. Non-official Result. More runners still running while snapped.

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  • tuuu dia... sakan.. baru hang tau langit tinggi rendah haa.. :) brapa 'gon' hang kerabat dgn gerek sepenuh hati?? takpa, gud experience.. more race to come..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:52 pm  

  • IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE.most of the high end and expensive bike were left behind .anyway u did ok..considering it being your first mtb race.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:06 pm  

  • n:
    Gon.. 1.
    Tak sampai sekerat.
    Ingat off-road.

    Yap! Correct. It's about training, determination and having fun.

    By Blogger aharis, at 4:04 pm  

  • ongesoon is right, it's not about the bike, it's about your leg and heart..and hving fun in the process!

    well done.

    tak sempat bagi tau my friend that wanted to join this biathlon. checked on internet and no website that refers to it, except yours.

    By Blogger TriStupe, at 11:27 am  

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