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Saturday 30 September 2006

Putrajaya Int. Marathon Report

-ve6km @ Cherating
2 week before to PIM, was assigned to east coast for outstation works. To Kota Bahru, Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. With a busy schedule, i took 1/2day stay at Cherating, Pahang.

I did 3km run on pavement and another 3km hard run on beach early morning.. then my left leg start giving abit painful.

Was rest for whole week until PIM. Just doing cycling home-office.

@Putrajaya International Marathon

Keretapi paling laju. 12jam from/to SP-KL.

Putrajaya - Running route

Putrajaya - Straight to finish line..huh! Ada kona kat sini +1km more.

Tasik. A view from one of uncountered bridges

With.. anak sapa ni arrrr?!

PIM finish line

Cengkoi Man

A few metre to finish line



Hospitality tent

Palace of Justice League

The podium

Mak aii.. span dekat spek + dlm seluar.. panas ke?

Kim Chye teman tok janggut until finish line

Heheee. Terus demam..

Tok wan and chairman.. doing full

Just do it!

Amazing Race 11

A very irritating run starting from begining until finish line.
Till now.. still gantung kasut.
10km - 46.38mins
21km - 1:54.04 (1:07.25)
Position - 143
Actual distance - 22km

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