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Tuesday 15 May 2007

Report: Century Ride 2007

Quickly drove to Ipoh after 21km Larian Bendang with Riza. There were 5 us from Sungai Petani heading for 160km Century Bike Ride. Fauzi, Rafe and Brahim drove to ipoh earlier to collect the bib# and check-in the Sun-Inns hotel (Sempit sesungguh bilik nih.. but near to @Dataran sunway, 200-300meter)

@Hotel at 6:30pm, preparing the bike. After dinner we went to.. one of local friends said "Gerbang Malam"... huih! seram. It is kind of pasar like Petaling Street in KL. Selling alot of 2nd stuff, perfumes and etc. I'm too tired to walk around + perut meragam, maybe because of dinner meal. It was 11pm.. i wish i'm on the bed now. Tidoq + recharge.

The route

Start at Dataran Sunway (Lost World of Tambun) Tjg Rambutan - Chemor Junction, turn right to Ulu Chemor - Kg Kuang - Sungai Siput - Salak - Kuala Kangsar - Sayung - Senggang - Kg Chopin - Parit - Pusing - Menglembu - Jelapang - and back to Chemor junction , turn right to Tjg Rambutan – Dataran Sunway.

I'm not familiar with this route.. but it is great way to see Perak.

Kayuh non-stop. Maybe stop awhile for water re-fill. No to nasi ayam or roti canai or roti boom. Bring 1 powerbar and 2 powergels. Powerbar.. divide by four and 2 gels at 70km and 130km. Try to maintain the 33-35km/h. Must end before 1pm.. else the sun will kill me - kering.

On the race day, there were 310 cyclist turn-up on that Sunday morning and >300 entries had to be turned away claimed the organizer to avoid unmanageable.

Start at 7am and i far behind the group. A minute half baru dapat cross the starting line. Enjoy smooth ride, sembang2 with Kulim and Penang group. Ushar2 gerek passing-by.. ayeq liur menitik lebih dari peluh.

After 2km felt the group too slow + makan angin.. banyak. I was thinking about my target.. so increased abit and stay behind the front group.

Able to lead the front group for 3 times.. until at 1st water-station/checkpoint @50km, they were too fast. Collect the c/point sticker and continue kayuh. No drinks or refreshment as my 2 water bottles able to sustain until next c/point.

After the 2nd c/point @82km... semua dah berterabur. Semua pakat kayuh solo and after a few km... we're back form in group. i'm in 2nd group.

Probably between Salak and Sungai siput (was focusing on my pace) jalan mula berbukit2. Lepas satu.. satu.. lepas satu.. dua.. lepas dua.. mak aiii tingginyer.. at one stage.. aku dah mula cakap sorang2 while climbing. Melelong kayuh gerek.

Left me alone from 2nd group. Tarak sapa depan + belakang. Only with my mp3 player.

Passing a bridge of PLUS: R&R Sg Perak. Still kayuh alone. Slow. Reza, Brahim, Fauzi and Rafe mungkin ada kat belakang lagi. Between them i hope Reza could catch-up with me and kayuh together. He is more faster and i used to train with him.

@<=100km, then came 2 cyclists from behind - A Men and Veteran category. Join them and drafting. The veteran ride quite fast, between 32-35km. Aku dah semput + nyawa2 ikan. So he lead 2 of us and force me to wrapped 2nd powergel to maintain the speed.

@>120km. Tengahari. 3rd Water-station - Lega.
A cold plain water and sponges were served. Refill both "tangki minyak" and drank 2 cups of lime 100Plus. One of the volunteers squeeze sponges with ice/cold water... "Oooh! huh! pundek.. bestnyeeeerr".
Ask him to do it again and finally semua basah macam mandi.

Last 30km. My nightmare became reality. Had legs cramps for 3 times. The first @135, i able to unclip shoe from the pedals and get down from the bike. And - "tarik!!" tergedik2 aku tepi jalan menjerit. Tarak sapa. Nasib baik ada orang kampung tolong.

2nd cramp, while climbing the hill @138km. Suddenly teruih tarik. Cilaka!. Jammed. Tak sempat nak unclip + kayuh pon x boleh. Kedebok. Both legs still on the pedal. Tarik!! lagi kuat. Tergedik2 again. Helpless until safety car arrived.

Again.. @143km, after received a call from Riza said that he was at @110km, able to jump down before the cramp and luckily a group of cyclist came for aid. Said thanks to a group of 5 and we ride together until finish line.

Glad i could finished <6hour.
My stopwatch shown
01:43.34 @60km - 34.76km/h
02:38.44 (55.10) @90km - 34.01km/h
03:36.18 (57.33) @120km - 33.28km/h
05:28.38 (1:52.20) @160km
Speedometer is 165.5km. Lost my valuable time in last 40km.
Based on my time & distance.. my riding pace was 30.21km/h.

A few days later.. as usual KRI, published full result and report.

My official result..
Run No: M003
Timing: 5:30.19
Cat Position: 38/186
Overall Position: 41/249
Gender Position: 41/249

38.. i should do better if not because of cramps.
Anyway it was a very nice ride. KRI did their best and i sure there will be more than 600 participation next year, same like the KRI10km profile.

Other SP Cyclist Result
Men Category
Cat Position: 106
Run No: M183
Timing: 6:24:37
Overall Position: 129
Gender Position: 124

Cat Position: 143
Run No: M229
Timing: 7:00:57
Overall Position: 185
Gender Position: 175

Cat Position: 147
Run No: M145
Timing: 7:10:30
Overall Position: 192
Gender Position: 182

Veteran Category
Cat Position: 36
Run No: V022
Timing: 7:10:31
Overall Position: 193
Gender Position: 183

Team MKH - Maju Ke Hadapan :P

Refill tangki minyak

Killing Hill

@Finish line, a little argument occur as my bike not having enough number of sticker. Which mean that i miss one of four checkpoint. Excuse me.. my speedometer don't lie

@Finish Line

Partner in training - Reza

The finish line

With Rafe, Fauzi and Brahim

Bikes from Singapore

Waiting for cert

Nice medal..

And a cert with golden sticker those who finish <6hour

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