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Monday 28 May 2007

Report: Joy Run

An en-Joy Run and interesting event organized by Jabatan Khidmat Kemasyarakatan (MPPP) conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007. It was an opening events for 2 days of Penang Beach Carnival sports, there were canoeing, tarik tali, lumba perahu naga, lumba kapal layar, beach volleyball and alot more.

Talking about perahu naga, FYI, next month there will be International Dragon Boat race at Teluk Bahang Dam.

It is Saturday + school holiday - bring all the supporters and drove from house at 5am sharp. With a kain pelekat stop for Subuh @Masjid Jalan Kelawei. Thanks to Najib for registration and collecting bib# and t'shirt.

The race started at a sandy beach infront of Goldensand Resort. A bit ternganga cause we had to run on sandy beach for >1km (go/return) and the rest on asphalt road to Teluk Bahang. Running on sandy beach... macam naik gerek + kena tiup angin. Can't ran fast - kaki kena sedut, moreover shoes getting wet and filled with sand. And also getting exhausted quickly.

Avoid ran on open sandy, so aku lari tepi gigi air laut. 1st 1km, already exhausted. Then we're direct to the main road which heading to Teluk Bahang for 4km before u-turn and ran back thru same route.

Between Batu Feringghi - Teluk Bahang, road were hilly and bengkang bengkok macam ulaq kena pukui. Runners need to take extra care with traffic coming from front and behind, because there were no marshall to look for.

Struggling to U-turn/check-point, i was enjoy seeing the beach along the route. Dengan angin pepagi sepoi, sound of waves and sound tercungap2. Half km before the U-turn, geng2 india dah patah balik dah. Counting the B bib (Open category) 1,2,3,4 until 10.. then i stop it. - Rosak kepala hotak.

There were no water station to serve the runners' thirsty along the route. It's fine to those who used 10km w/o water.. but for normal runners, school kids, veterans... telan ayeq liuq laaa. - The organizer should set-up one at U-turn.

After the U-turn, marked 2 B runners in-front (..itu pun yang nampak) One with running vest look likes regular runner. Dia potong aku somewhere at 3km. Laju dia. Another one, with white cotton t'shirt.

Chasing them from 4km, pundek! both of them still fast. 1km before finish line, we were back to sandy beach. Almost quit for chasing. Kecungapan aku lagi kuat. Hup-hap-hup-hap. Ayeq idung dah meleleh.. terasa masin lebih dari air laut. Usually kalau ayeq idung meleleh.. tu dah kira limit dah.

Increased more pace at on sandy beach, and i able to overtook a guy with cotton tee at half of route. After that, i keep on running with fast pace leaving him far behind, hoping he did not re-act and hoping to cross the finish line with my best effort.

Tersungkoq aku depan finish line. Cikgu offered me with drinks - Thanks.

Asked the organizer my position.. but chief not allowed. Really hope that i in the top 20 for a medal... at least. Or a hamper for top10. But Najib was in 11th.

After 2 hours and half, terpaksa dengar upacara perasmian with long speech, terpaksa tengok rescue demo, terpaksa tengok senam-robik at 10:30am.. Then @11am they announced the the winners.

Syukur! Alhamduliah.. aku tepuk bahu Najib, who standing beside me. I was in the list for a medal.

Official Result.
Men Junior
Men Open
Men Senior
Men Veteran
Women Junior
Women Senior
Women Vet

Team aku + team Najib

Warm-up and waiting for gun shoot

Cikgu terkejut dengar bunyi pistol.


Kerja bebudak

Kerja mak budak

isotonic drinks sponsored by Yeo's


With geng BM Leopard.

Rescue demo by Bomba dan Penyelamat

Kawan best. Alex + Najib


Waiting for medal


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  • bestnya... mkn "moktan" kat tepi pantai... meriah sungguh, cuaca pon lawa.. lip lap lip lap anak mami... line clear!!!

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 1:28 pm  

  • Tu.. kalau letak jeruk pala, pelam, + salak.. sampai malam dok tepi pantai tuh.

    By Blogger aharis, at 9:05 pm  

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