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Thursday 26 July 2007

Report 10km Time Trial

Seem no form event i thought it was fun ride main-main with junior cyclist until Reza smsed me early that morning..

"PERHATIAN ACARA ITT (individual time trial) & TTT (team time trial) 10KM TERBUKA (Lelaki & Wanita) PADA 22/7/07 AHAD. TEMPAT DI BAKAR KAPOR, PENAGA SPU (seberang perai utara). MASA DAFTAR 2:40 PTG & MULA 3:30PTG. TERBUKA UTK SBG (seberang) PERAI PP (pulau pinang) & DAERAH KULIM. HADIAH UTK (L) ITT MEDAL 1-8. ITT(W) MEDAL 1-5. UTK TTT (L) SHJ TROFI (1 team = 3 pelumba) HADIAH UTK 3 TEAM SHJ"

Woih! sesungguh depa nih! Siap ada medal. Browsing back the message.. i was attracted by number of medals offered.

After Zohor pick-up Reza and 1/2hour drove to Penaga with dark cloud above us. Most of SP Bikers were there.. Fauzi, Brahim and new member Wichan a/l Aun (keturunan siam/thai) plus Reza and me. After jot down my name and no fee registration, less than 10 veteran (>30yrs) cyclists turned up.

More 50 were junior cyclists came from Penang and Seberang Perai - mostly secondary boys and girls. The youngest cyclist probably a primary school kid accompany by his parents.

A kampung race style where paddy fields and sungai Kuala Muda flow along the a small letter 'b' shape course.. i started kecut perut after looking the young riders warming up.

After voted as 2nd in ITT, rain start pouring down and the organizer decide to start immediate. Yikeeess!! - tak sempat nak warm-up. Not even 100m.

The 1st rider gone+pecut, the volunteers urge me to jump/clip on the pedals and will release in 1mins interval. Pfooof!.. in moderate pace. Check my speed..

Oh! Anak Ayam Serama! - Speedometer aku freeze. Kena air hujan. 0km/h and 0km distance. Try buka/pasang balik. Mati jugak. Inside i was ^%@#%^#@#)(*&&!@. Without speedometer.. macam kayuh tak dak arah. I don't know my km/h, i don't know my distance, i don't when to kayuh moderate and i don't know when to kayuh all-out.

Probably <4km i caught the first cyclist. Head bend-down, hand on lower handle.. just maintain the speed. Try asking for speed from marshall's motocycle.. no answer. - Pekak!.

Stopwatch pon lupa nak tekan.. so i was depend on my clock watch. Earlier they said 10k best time last year was 15+mins. Started @3:X6pm (as i remembered) by 3:(X+1)6pm i should cover >6km. Sprint all-out is a must.

But.. was it all-out already? Berapa speed? Berapa km more? That Qs play inside my kepala.

The marshall wanted to left me but i said i don't know the route and he escort me until last junction. Turn right, I saw a bus start to move after drop some passengers, i start to potong but cars came on opposite direction - Mangkuk!

Gave "an asking way" sign to cars on oposite direction and hammered hard to finish line. - Zaaaassss!
But that not hard enough.. because ayeq hidung aku belom meleleh lagik.

Next - Team Time Trial.
The TTT was delay because of heavily rain for half an hour. The organizer warned the cyclist to be extra careful on the wet course.

I was team with Reza and Fauzi as SP1 and we're 2nd last team started before SP2 team. Hujan lebat. Again my speedometer freeze. Once start, i kayuh follow their pace. Fauzi & Reza did very well, they push themself to ligan my speed and drag them at last 2km to finish line.

After result annoucement... luck not on me.
My 10km ITT official result was 17:16. Average speed was 34.74km/h moreover missed a top8 medal. My TTT - 2nd last. 19mins something.

It was great experience and exposure to us in bike racing especially in TimeTrial. None of us experience it before. For Wichan, it was first bike race for him. We did a bike race, We did a TT... eemmm probably next.. a tour - maybe.

But i think Bakar Kapor, Penaga not suitable place/route to organized TT. A lot of public transports and got 2 cornar-maut (had to brake and understand ada budak pompuan jatuh kat cornar-maut). Got policemen.. but main ayeq banyak.


Registration booths

Young riders

Hujan! Balik rumah.

Wet.. and going to wet-wet

The gereks

Individual time trial


50meter to finish line

Finish line

Fauzi with new Wilier

Individual time trial


Break. Waiting for TTT

SP Team


TTT dalam hujan lebat

2nd team

SP2 Team. (L)Brahim, Wichan and -lupa-

Anak buah Kelana (in Oren tee) and SP cyclists


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