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Sunday 12 August 2007

Report: Penang Baithlon 2007

Berita minggu lepas.

Penang Baithlon - 5th August 2007.
Doing relay with Riza. He rode the bike and i did the running discipline. Not target anything except for medal. Legs still not in good condition. For last 3 weeks did only short running training twice per week.

3 days before Baithlon - geram punya pasai. Taruh 8km speed run and my left leg paid the price. Sakit balik. To ease abit, i went to swimming practice for therapy.

After pick-up bib#, took goodies bags and chat, all categories of bikers were urged to line up at starting line. The race flag-off at 8am.

About 1:05.xxmins the first team relay bike reach and passed the ribbons to his runner.

I think that first bike rider... gila babi punya laju. He left the second bike (also a relay team) nearly 15-20mins behind. Aku dengan Najib puas dok pukul lalat.

On fifth team relay, Najib blah. Aku dok tibai lalat lagik.

Until the 3rd teams relay finish, baru Riza sampai. 1:43.53. - No more top prize.

I could run easy but... that not giving me satisfaction. Ran uphill, potong a few individual and 3-4teams relay. Reach the top check point in 23mins.

"No more hiking... right?" asking to marshall.
Suara aku tukaq bunyi suara itek nila.
Nodding his head, i collected the ribbon from him and ran down-hill.

Sup-sap-sup-sap-sup-sap... tup2 i heard automobile engine. - Finish line not far.
There were nobody while i ran down.

And i completed the run discipline in 43.05mins. which mean my down-hill was 20.05mins. Position... - i don't know. After grab the finish medal and clean-up kitaorang blah balik - lapaq nasik kandaq.

Medal.. sama macam tahun lepas. Tukaq tahun saja.

Starting line

Going down for bib & goodies collection.

Finish line

Riza tak sabaq dah.

Seronok dapat tengok pom2 girls

Orang kampung Sungai Bakap - Najib.

Senam aerobik dulu.

Riza at starting line.



Another run event held at same place - Godwill Run.

Aku & Najib wish could run this first.<5km. Mostly all runners finished an hour before the first bike reach


Gambaq taya.

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  • perghhh... hebat... hebat... caya lah... wishing u all d best in yr new ventures & more challenges..

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