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Wednesday 15 August 2007

Report: Road Relay Sungai Petani

Legs still felt a bit pain especially on the left. No training runs since climbing and descending at Penang Baithlon. Legs still hurts. Rest for two days and jump into pool on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, rainning - Fuh! nasib baik.

Decide to do fun+easy run and i proposed to SP cyclists to form a team. As cross training for them and good for their legs to kayuh lagi kuat. But majority of them could not make it, except Tai Tzy Cuan.

Then I invite my office-mate who just starts running 3-4 months ago because of overweight. Gila orkid - Jamsari Ramli from Finance dept.

The 4th runner - a hardcore from SP Runners - Gila lari. Top10 winner in last Ipoh Starwalk. Lim Thean Seng.

There were 6 categories. 4 for primary/secondary school boys/girls and Open categories for men/women. The highest teams were girls/secondary - 21 teams. Men open - 6 and money prize confirmed Women Open - 3. Melenggang pon depa dapat panggu.

When government body organized the event and got no experience before - expect unexpected.
- No batons
- No timing/stopwatch
- No proper bib#
- VIP came late - and of course all events/activites start late
- Long speeches. Politic issues. bla..blaa.. blaaah

They divide into 4flag-offs. Each team consist of 4 runners and must complete a 1.6km loop. Men Open with boys-secondary start together on 3rd flag-off. It was nearly 10am and sun nearly terpacak on our head. I sort the runners’ sequence. Thean Seng, Me, Jamsari and Tai as last runner.

As Thean Seng ran, i start to warm-up. I put sloan cream twice to make it warm/hot enough until i did not felt any pain. Kind of numb the legs. Other SP Runners members kept on giving moral support and perangat me for top prize.

When Thean Seng passed me the ribbon (aka baton), we were 6th position. He tried to maintain the pace and gap.. but all the runners were young and too fast for him.

Within <200m of gap from the leading of 2nd runner, i marked a runner in-front of me. My breath sound become stronger.. hop-hap-hop-hap and i hate run sprint. Probably in 1km, I able to overtook him and I’m on 5th position.

Next.. <500meter to finish line, I marked the 4th runner. Able to run beside him. I test him by speeding a bit. He answered. Again.. run side by side. He test me back.. this time I answered all the way to finish line. No reply from him :P

Passed the ribbon to Jamsari the 3rd runner. I showed the 4 fingers hand to SP Runners members.

Jamsari could not defence the position after 1km and we were back on 6th position. Then Tai continue as 4th runner and maintain the position :P until finish line.

We were happy to finish the relay as a team and built-up our friendships. Hopefully Jamsari and Tai had priceless experience in their first run race and continue to run and stay healthy.

@1.6km - Base on my stopwatch
Thean Seng = 5.48
Aku = 5.38
Jamsari = 7.33
Tai = 7.16

There will be same road relay on evening of merdeka day at same place. Those who interested kept on checking this blog for updates.

The banner

Aerobik exercise

Aerobik exercise

Gimnasium Rakyat Sungai Petani



Ah Din & bunga Jasmin

Line up for 3km walk

Heading to Jln Petri

Team relay briefing

MyTeam: Tai, Jamsari and Thean Seng on my left

Lepas bebudak sekolah dulu.

Men Open - Thean Seng behind

Received the ribbon from Thean Seng


Hah! Laaarrrrii

Tai waiting his turn

Cepat laaarrrr

Tengah tunggu peserta akhir - C5

Sempat lagi dia senyum.


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  • Alamak....AbuPOWER dah jadi AbuPELIKAN la pulak. Apa pun abg memang power la. Bila nak turun KL?

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  • Pelikan?!.. :)
    KL tahun ni? Tak. Kita jumpa kat Lumut. Jom!

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