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Wednesday 30 January 2008

Report Great Eastern 20km 2008

It was a last minute decision. I received a call from Mr Teoh the SP Runners chairman said 2 bib# available, 2 days before the event. 1 bib# for 20k F category and 30k for veteran category. Looking my weekly mileage not event reach 20k in total.. So I took 20k bib under Mr.X

Went to KL @9pm/saturday on chartered bus by my running club and Alor Star Jogging Club (ASJC) and pick another 3 kakis from BM Leopard club at Sungai Dua. We did not book any hotel so we spend a night on moving bus and continue running once reach Tasek Perdana, on next morning.

Stop at Sg Buloh R&R Plus-Highway for refreshment and light breakfast. Luckily got 1 shop still open at 4am. Before reach Tasek Perdana, we pick another runner.. Mr. Loke who helped us took our bib# and goodies bags - TQVM!.

@Tasek Perdana.
So far i did not doing any long distance run since my Powerman on last November. My left leg still giving a bit pain. I could only ran 2-3 times per week in selow pace. And times each time i doing training ran, i had to jump into pool on next day. Kind of therapy and swimming training too. After that my leg fresh (sikit) again.

I don't know what cause pain on my left leg. It was already 3 months, 2 running shoes changed and only able jogging in short distance.

That morning before flag-off, i meet-up some KL runners such as PM chief who seeking "pot" to settle his business :P then i chat with Kenny Tan, Zulazlan and Jamie. Seem this my first time on GE20km and i not familiar with the route. Jamie helps me describe the hilly route until up to Hartamas.

I had read some nightmare stories from runners blog telling the deadly route up to Hartamas and i never been there by car or what so ever. So.. abit kecut perut heard about it. Bola2api said kalau jumpa Petronas gas station sudah gumbira tak terkata.

Flag-off the GE20km at 6:30am, i could said the runners were 4 times less than GE30k. More runners suka 30km.

Still dark and we start running and climbing on steep route leaving Tasek Perdana. I'm not familiar with route, i just keep on running and struggling to stabilize my breath while climbing. Hop-hap-hop-hap. A sign that i running occasionally.

It was very hilly route. Running liked roller-coster. Up-down-up-down- flat -Up-down-up-down. Until half of route, as usual Tey was waiting to capture runner’s reaction while climbing up to Hartamas.

I was ran slow with small steps climbing and seeking the Petronas gas station. And indeed once saw it; wish i bring some cash for 100Plus. I thought it was a U-turn @gas station, the 10km mark was away behind about half kilo but we still running ahead.

After collected hand-band i ran abit faster (turun bukit) :) I selisih and cerekah to Ronnie, Aiman, Abu, Nezz, Haza, Bacin, Jaja, Jamil, mahadhir, some running friends.

I'm really suffered after run down from Hartamas. Legs want to walk but i said no . I doing habih selow punya run. Kaki pon dah tak larat angkat. Just keep on running and i ignore my running distance and also didn't looking at my stopwatch. Just slow running jogging.

Passing Dataran Merdeka.. - Tasik Perdana is not far. My mind was empty except a 400m sign that keep on flashing.

I completed my first 2008 run race in 38th by 1:54.42 - Not a gun time but taken while i crossing start & finish line. It was my 4th worst timing since start belajar berlari in half marathon. I don't mind because i'm enjoy running.

I saw.. fat, cholesterol and tummy

Photos of running friends while i'm kedarah tau-fu-fah and sandwich

Bas rosak @Taiping: Tali pinggang dia putuih


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  • itu jacket logo HP spt pernah kulihat... tapi di mana ya...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:09 pm  

  • aiks! mana u dapat itu photo of i? i've been looking for this photo lah! boleh kasi saya itu URL? I can copy from there. thanks!

    By Blogger Jamie Pang, at 2:42 pm  

  • >Anne - Hahahaa.. cuba congak2 tengok

    >Carboman - It's from my cam. The url is small size, will email to u actual size.

    By Blogger aharis, at 9:44 pm  

  • haris!

    adoi.. ada lagi gambo aku tgh suffer.. ingatkan stok gambo suffer dah abis dah hehe

    email gambo ni buleh tak? bola2api at gmail. thanks

    By Blogger bola2api, at 10:51 am  

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