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Wednesday, 23 January 2008


While walking back to bus from Tasik Perdana after completed my GE20km, i meet up 2 running friends who are my blog visitors, at different location. The first one named Shah. He said he is blog stalker. Heheeee.. and the other one is Hazman, I getting knowing him via email before meet-up at GE30km.

We managed exchange info about each others, tanya khabar, kampung, year of running, training places and etc. Coincidently Hazman's kampung is in Semeling, my usual running route passing his kampung house.

But one thing that i felt i related with them that we are smoke survival. Both of them stop smoking for years. They tried everything to quit before but not succeed. Until they found... jogging/running. New physical activities that make them forgot about cigar

An activity that make them tarik hand-brake terus.

No kesian-kesian - Esok 3 batang, lusa 2 batang, tulat sebatang, tungging.. tertungging lar.

Just tarik hand-brake! - Same thing happen to me.

I know a lot of running friends who are smoke survival. A harcore who smoke 2 packs of 20. Kira penghisap tegar like Najib, now he ran 10km in <40mins. He left the habit >10years. Azwar.. now he is Powerbar: Team Elite Of The Year and some of my running friends in SP.

But i also got kawan yang hisap before and after run race/training.. for years - but tak kemana pon.

It's depand how bad you want to - health or hell.


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