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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Blog update

Right now I'm in the midst of updating my blog. I was thinking to put a new template/skin on it, change the color, add a new sidebar on the left and add new section. I was also thinking to upgrade my blog template to new version, which the said more easily to customize the blog apperance.

But after spend more than 1 ½ day learn on my test blog, I found hard to understand the upgrade blog template concept. I'm still unable to create new section on side-bar. Very confuse, so I decide to stick to old version for this blog.

Some of items here, i had to rearrange such as..

Google Search
Using Google Seach by checking on my blog url radio-button, it will list all the articles/posts contain the keyword. So for me, the search engine should put on the top the blog - kind of "table of contents".

Same goes to feedburner, you could subscribed my posts into your own reader such as google, yahoo, pageflake or directly posted into your mailbox. I did some changes on RSS post. Those subcribers earlier knows the changes :)

Forms and Events section.
I just changed the month color font into orange - looks abit catchy.

For IE browser users,
I know my sidebar "drop" until the last post. Which mean you need to scroll-down below to download the event form. This because of browser incompatibility. My template coding works fine on FireFox. Seem that i'm Firefoxian so i just ignore it.

But after checking on visitors’ statistic, i found more that 60% visitor using IE. I should jump into their shoes too. And the root cause was table width.

If it could generate some $$, why not. There people who are making more RM20k/month! from the net. If me... mau tunggu lagi ka?.. lari + bike + swim larrr. I include blog monetization as one of 2008 targets. Probably i will create another website talking about different topic, out of sport issue. Already have an idea and I need to work it out.


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