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Tuesday 27 December 2011

Report: Lari Amal Demi Rakyat

Date: 18 December 2011 | Sunday | 6:30am
Venue: Dataran Zero (Clock Tower), Sungai Petani, Kedah
Distance: 10km. 11th. 45.22mins
Shoes: Nike LunarGlide +2

Line up at 6:30am in front of Dataran Zero or Sungai Petani Clock Tower for 10km run was too early. It was still dark early morning. Not many kakis tune-up because that day got another two well-organized events in north region, Larian Valdor and Penang Round Island Relay. Both were annual event and offer finisher medals - no doubt. But here, got cash prize for top 3 and medal for top10. Two Kenyans and top Malaysian runners R.Muniady and Ruburn were attracted.

It was Sunday, working day in Kedah. I think, it was first time I ran racing in Kedah on Sunday. The organizer delays the flag-off until 6:50am. Maybe VIP coming late I guess.

First 2km not so good for me. Perut plak rumbling. Sat rasa mau keluar, sat rasa bergaduh.. huh! I was nearly quit and stop at nearest Masjid. That time running group were divided into 4. Two in-front of me and the last, behind me.

Slowly after passing Pekan Baru, perut tak gaduh dah. Maybe depa jumpa ruang kosong untuk lepak for a while. Thanks mate.

That time I was running with Thean Seng and Kim Chye (SP Runners). Still in dim light, I make a move. Left them and turn left @Taman Intan. Feel something not right...

"..this road is heading back to Clock Tower. Ini 5km ponya route.."

U-turn, ran back another 50m to Taman Intan junction. Then I shout to idle marshal
"Itu 5km kategori, 10km sana!"

Dia boleh berdiri macam tunggul diam depan simpang. At least kasi tau laa.. - "5km kiri, 10km kanan"

Thean Seng and Kim Chye left me about 100m in front. Ligan balik.

Kim Chye caught but Thean Seng was 100m in-front. I just put a challenge on myself trying to catch a veteran category - Thean Seng. More speeding and getting thirst faster.

Luckily got second water station at Taman Arked. I was in hurry chasing Thean Seng. I need to grab and sip while running. A skill need a training too else tersedak, tersemboq ayeq ikut hidung. But in same time the official distribute a rubber band in-front of water station table.

Grab cup of water with left hand, same time right hand grab a rubber band... Come on!!!

I shouted angrily to official (sorry friend..)
"Woit!!.. dok depan lar! Jangan depan meja. Macam mana nak ambik"

I missed a rubber band. Had to turn back and no water left in my cup sebab berkocak. Sigh - no water for me..

Main road. <2km heading to Clock Tower or finish line, Thean Seng was >50m in-front. More speeding. Ayeq hidung meleleh. More cars were waiting at traffic light. Policemen done great job.

Finally Thean Seng crossed ahead of me. I gave a thumb-up and a hand shake between us. Great run. Inside.. syiok although a miss a top10 position.

There were protest from top runners to organizer..
1. Kenyan and Thais were here and won top spot.
2. Number of 10k runners wrongly turns into 5km route at Taman Intan junction.

I won't complain much on #1, because when Alex and I join running event in Thai, I saw no protest from Thais when Alex won top spot. So no good to put blame on others, set a challenge inside and we heading somewhere...

..and #2, there was a 5km and 10km signboard in-front of Taman Intan junction but during that time it was dark and kebetulan marshal plak bisu... To runners, study the running route earlier.

Official result is here.

Not for lucky draw, for needy.

Not mine


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