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Monday 19 December 2011

Report: 2nd Melaka International 12-Hour Walk

By Aiman Cheah

Venue: A-Famosa, Melaka
Date: 10~11December 2011 | 8.00pm
Category: Men Open
Distance Achieved: 67km
Position: 40
Organizer: Race Walkers Association of Malaysia

Full results at

I was not prepared for this event although I had signed up for the race under early birds registration. In fact 67km was a good distance considering how I had prepared myself for the race.

I took a rest on Monday after SAF run. Sore muscles because I did push myself in the race. Tuesday was just a 4.2km walk. Wednesday was 8.4km. Thursday was 10.5km. Only 23.1km mileage to compete with the cream from Hong Kong, Singapore and our own Malaysians. That must be crazy. I did not collapse during the race was good enough.

I tried to go slowly during the first two hours. My average pace was 8:10. Not too slow actually, as I managed to cover 15km to be in the top 50. The pace by the leaders was fantastic. Three of the leaders overtook me about 200m before I could complete my first lap which I did in 9:47 (a slow start as I started from right behind).

80km was expected of me by the photographer, Mr Tey Eng Tiong

I was much slower during the 3-4th hour. My feet felt sore. Average speed was 9:40. Took a long break for food. I managed to complete 11 laps.

The 5-6th hour was a wrong move. I went quicker when I could forget the discomfort of my feet. That only lasted a hour with an average speed of 8:30. After taking a break for food, I became very slow with the average speed of 9:40. Completed 12 laps but unfortunately I lap was deducted. I wonder where I went wrong.

The 7-8th hour told me that I could forget of getting my best result. It was a painful 10laps.

The 9-10th hour was the worst where I only managed 9 lap.

The 11-12th hour was just purely mental strength. I stopped twice to massage my tired legs. The final half hour was rather a 'miracle'. It was Yu Song who sent me flying. I had lost to him in Ipoh Starwalk, Penang Starwalk, Malaysian Masters and Penang 12-hour walk and I could not let him get the better of me in the final walk race of the year. I told Peter to wish me luck as I would try to be ahead of Yu Song.

I took about 300m to catch up with him and then powered on for the next two laps. I did 7:20. When I crossed the line there was still 10 minutes left, but I had drained my energy and the water station had closed! I decided not to carry on but encourage Yu to continue. He made it in about 9 minutes. He was really a tough guy. I thought he did a lap more than me but actually on equal terms and I just beat him on count back. Even if I had continued, my final time may not get me the 39th placing.

Peter James Back from Singapore who is always willing to impart him knowledge as he is very passionate in race walking

Mr Philip Lim. I overtook him a few times during the first 4 hours but he turned the tables on me in the next 8 hours. A fantastic walker for his age!

Pictures courtesy of racewalker.

It was quite easy to get to the venue from Melaka Sentral. The bus fare was only RM1. Like wise returning to Melaka Sentral from Dataran Pahlawan / Mahkota Parade was only RM1 by bus. The taxi fare was a little steep. Two taxi drivers wanted to charge RM15 from Mahkota Parade to Melaka Sentral. Since time was on my side, I waited for the bus.

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