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Wednesday 20 August 2008


Long time i not post any article here on my running or training. Indeed, i'm not doing any running or jogging or cycling for past 2 months.. emm.. maybe 3. My Pegasus looks good when walking to office. The shoes color blue-white fits with my new uniform - blue-white too.

Before end of this year, i set another target in Run.Mix.Burn! to be a coach. Yep! thats right - Coaching. Perut pon dah melebeh abit. Maybe i need 2-3month light jog before i hit road race again. While doing that, i will train Alauddin and Jasmin for Trikidz Triathlon this coming November.

Already told them about rewards if they complete the discipline - Zoo Negara. Depa seronok for the race. Both of them kept on reminding me when to start cycling and running training, i said lepas raya. Actually aku still malas nak start lari lagik.

But since early August, i brought them for swimming every weekend. Alauddin can do a breast stroke while Jasmin still kicking using swimboard. I read a kickboard allowed in Trikidz FAQ. Probably i will register for her too

I will setup a training plan for them and maybe will do 2-3 simulation at Alor Star public swimming pool including bike-run around the stadium Darulaman.


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