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Thursday 30 July 2009

Nike LunarGlide+ Review

.. from previous post - Nike LunarGlide+ First Impression.

Whether this model work fine with my legs, I remember George Shehaan said in his "Running to Win: How to Achieve the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Victories of Running" book,
"My perfect running shoes might be worst shoes to you"

So how detail or good about shoes technical info, still it will not guarantee works good on you. If your feet pronation matches with the shoes then it depend on how you run on it.


Before that I need to describe a little bit about my training. Early 2009 I did a comeback after a year rest to setup my part-time business. Now, my weekday training are 3~4times per week. Mostly I could say 4. Sometimes 5 are max.

Usually my running route covers 60% of palm plantation, rubber estate thru kampung-kampung off-road. Another 40% on tarred road. On weekday my training distance between 6km~10km and 12km~18km on weekend. Beside long distance run, I rotate with cycling on Sunday.

My feet is normal arch type. As a normal pronator, you can wear just about any shoe including this model

Burn Test
Once in my feet, I could feel a light weight running shoes compare to my 2007 Pegasus. This shoe look fit. The laces also look different than Pegasus. During running, this shoe gave enough cushioning and comfortable. I could run a bit faster because of light in weight.

It gave no problem when I heading to kampong trail road including jalan tanah merah, jalan berpasir dan berbatu thru palm and rubber plantation. It also gave stability along my running. Once awhile I look down, I feel likes running with office shoes. I can't flush that kind of feeling. After 10km running, legs still fine.


Until today I had ran number of training with LunarGlide+. Legs doing fine. Show no sign of leg injuries/aches after I ran slow and fast pace. Beside that, along testing period I notice the lace never untight/loose while running.

After 2 weeks of running and testing, slowly this model builds my trust to feature for it first racing - Baling International Duathlon. And last sunday, I really satisfied/happy with my timing. Complete the race within target and no walking in last running discipline compare to previous duathlon.

With Yaziz and Nike LunarGlide+ at Baling International Duathlon

After 5 years of jogging, running and racing with 3 models of Pegasus, I could say.. i found my Pegasus replacement. I'm happily to retire my Pegasus 2007 and wear it in casual activities.

For LunarGlide+, there will be more racing awaiting and lastly I would said many thanks to Nike Sales (M) Sdn Bhd, KL for their generous and trust in me to test their new running shoes - Nike LunarGlide+.

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