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Tuesday 14 July 2009

Nike LunarGlide - First impression

When i open the Nike orange box, Nike LunarGlide+ look likes my office safety boot. Ya! right we're required to wear safety boot in plant compound. The shoes comes almost in black color and striking orange sole.

Usually running shoes always fancy. Regardless any brand or model. They use contra colors to make it attractive, sporty and creating fun mode while running. And sometimes it caught my eyes looking at runners' shoes during racing especially the elite runners.

Initially it is important factor to attract and stop potential buyer while competing with other shoes/brand on shelf before they being touch, hold and test pakai. The all black color (except the swoosh) look likes office shoes. I had enough looking shoes color like that. Normally when i in shoes outlet, I'm looking for pronation type, fancy and follow by brand.

LunarGlide+ available in two color only. This model is Men In Black while another white color is for women. Got no choice. A good reason for men, we no need to wash regularly. Can enjoy running all day long.

Weight? Ya quite light compare to my Pegasus 2007 although my current shoes got no "pick-up" already - Suspension kureng. I don't know about the cushioning. No test yet.

Next.. i will be writing more after test drive.

Meanwhile i tested walk around with this stuff in office, my colleague notice a my different "safety boot" by striking orange sole - This stuff really attractive.

Next review - Test and Racing.

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