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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Report: 24th Malaysian Open Masters Athletics Championships

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 19 - 20 June 2010
Venue: National Sports Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

1st Day: 19 June 2010 (Saturday)
Event: 5 000 walk
Category: M40-44

I was quite confident of doing 'well' in this event. My fitness level was not really up to the mark, but should give me enough energy to challenge for a podium finish.

I was happy with my preparations. The weather was fine and I managed to train daily. By Thursday, I was sure that I would be able to do about 29 minutes for the 5 000 m walk and 25 minutes for the 5 000 race - albeit I would certainly be left behind by 4-5 laps by the winner.

13 June (Sun) - NST-MPSJ 10km Run - 53:34
14 June (Mon) - 6.3km walk - 37:43
15 June (Tue) - 6.3km run - 31:27
16 June (Wed) – 2,500 swim - <1:15:00 & 6.3km walk - 36:23
17 June (Thu) - 6.3km run - 30:35 & 2,500 swim - <1:15:00
18 June (Fri) - 6.3 km walk - 36:27

It was an unfortunate morning for me as the lap recorder made a blunder! I walked an extra lap and was told to go for another lap! That's crazy. I reckoned that the lap recorder did not jot down my timing for each lap. If he had done that, there will and should not be a mistake.

I must admit that I have very little confidence with the officials in the 5 000 metres walk. If they get the lap correct, the timing would be way off. Like wise, when the time (final time) is correct, the lap number is not accurate. Well, will compete again and complain again. I don't see there will be any improvement in future unless they break the number of walkers. Too many walkers and too few officials.

After the prize giving ceremony I looked at the official result - my time was 33:04:xx. Unbelievable....... I was ahead of Raie and his time was 32:xx:xx in his M50-54 category. The time showed he was faster than me, but then I had overtaken him on lap 7 (If I have not mistaken) and he had never overtaken me from that lap onwards.

Only great officials' minds can work that out. Luckily I did not go for another lap..... if I conked out that I would be considered DNF! If I were to be on duty, I would want to find out about the participant when he/she did not appear when he/she had been consistent in his/her timing.

How I fare in the 5 000 m walk race

132:2730:48 - 5 000 metres
142:1633:04 - 5 400 metres

The winner of my category was just too good. Mr. Peter Beck from Singapore Masters Athletics. He completed in 27:xx:xx . I was 1 lap behind him. Logically, I should be 2 laps behind him since the time difference was more than 5 minutes. His pace was about 2:15. Another great walker, Mr. Suresh was also 1 lap ahead of me. He overtook me on lap 11; he was going to complete his 12th lap!

Looking forward for another blundering officiating tomorrow as I will be many more laps behind.

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