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Wednesday 4 August 2010

Report: Shape & Men's Health Night Run

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 31 July 2010
Time: 8.00 p.m.
Venue: In front of Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya, Precint 3
Distance: 12.3km

Category C: Men's Junior Veteran (40-49 years old)
Gun Time: 1:08:12
Net Time: 1:06:10
Position: 68

Relatively more prepared for this race. This is my first night race. It is a nice experience because of perfect weather in Putrajaya. It was breezy and cool. It rained quite heavily earlier in some parts of Kuala Lumpur.

I reached the venue rather late - at about a quarter to eight. Since I had never used the sophisticated timing chip before, I had to ask fellow runners how to put it on my shoe lace. One kind soul who was queing to keep his luggage has actually put the thing for me instead of giving instructions. Thanks a million for that.

I quickly headed to the gents after that. When I came back there were a few minutes left Queued at the Revive 'stall' to keep my body hydrated. While queuing, I asked the runner in front of me the direction of the run. He told me to go to the starting line quickly.

It was two minutes to eight, so I told him it was all right since I won't be on the podium. Suddenly the gun went off. I quickly set my stopwatch. Wasted a few more seconds to get my drink. After gulping down a cup, I quickly join the other runners. It took me almost two minutes to get to the starting line. Surprised that the crowd was much bigger than the one during the Siemen's Run.

I was more confident as I had been running 6.3km almost daily prior to the race. I was very sure that I won't have to stop for the first half hour. I stopped at every water station. The first two water stations were a let down - same old story. Too many runners and the poor volunteers could not cope with them.

I wonder why the organizer fail to improve on this when the solution is so simple. Either put an extra table or put an extra volunteer. The best would certainly put both extras together. The last water station was well prepared.

I had a fairly good run until towards the last 1km. I tried to go faster but unfortunately, the warnings for cramp were there. In the end, I stopped 3 times before I could cross the finishing line! I think this is the best race for me this year.

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