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Wednesday 4 August 2010

Result: 6th Novice Swimming Competition

Recently i post the 6th Novice Swimming Competition and today organizer share the official result.

Warmest Greeting and Salam 1 Malaysia from Persatuan Renang Amatur Kedah,

The 6th Novice Swimming Competition results have been attached for your perusal.

A job well done with some slight hitches here and there as anticipated due to handling young upcoming swimmers with enthusiastic parents. Both parents and swimmers
were effervescent throughout the competition which made it a wonderful day.

All were winners because of their high spirits and definately no losers !

For those who did not make the podium, the right dosage of encouragement from parents should give them a head start for next year. The 7th Novice Swimming Competition will be basically around the same time. So the young ones should be motivated in that direction.

For those who made the podium, dont miss out on the next challenge - Kedah Invitational Swimming Championship

The invitation will be sent out once details have been ironed out by the organizing committee.

Good Luck to all on your preparation. Till we meet again.

Thank you, Terima Kasih, Xiexie & Nandri

Honorary Secretary
Persatuan Renang Amatur Kedah

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