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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Report: Green Fun Run

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 27 November 2010 | Saturday | 7:45am
Venue: NeoCyber, Cyberjaya
Category: Men Open
Result: 45:14mins

I got to know about the race before Penang Bridge Run and was undecided to participate because I am not familiar with Cyberjaya. I went there once last year - during a treasure event.

I was surprised to be given the bib A001. Wow, how nice I could finish 1 and won RM1000. That will only happen when no one comes for the run!

There were not too many people coming for the race. I would say that it is a race where the winners take it all. Only certificates for the participants. Cash prizes and medals only for top ten winners. If the organizer reduced RM50 from the top 5 winners, then 11-25 finishers could have a finisher medal.

It was a well-organized race and the organizer has been very generous. There were ample of sandwich packs for breakfast. Free popcorns and cotton candy and games. The best of all is each finisher is given a plant. I got a karas plant. If I am not mistaken, it is no ordinary plant but a plant with medicinal value - hypertension and diabetes.

I think the route is under-distance. It is impossible for me to post such an encouraging time as I was struggling during the mid-race. I could not find myself even in the top 10 of the women category. The 10th winner posted only 42 minutes.

It is quite a waste to provide a whole bottle of mineral water to runners. I guess none consume even close to half of the 500ml bottle. There were 4 water stations for the 10km route. I am guilty of wasting the water and polluting the environment as I stopped at all water stations and took only one gulp of water.

Despite slowing down the last 2km, I still have the power to sprint 50m from the finishing line.

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