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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Report: CICM Responsible Care Run 2010

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 28 November 2010 | Sunday | 7:40am
Venue: Bukit Jalil Nasional Stadium
Category: Men Veteran (40 - 49 years old)
Result: Time: 53:36
Position: 35

I was hoping to do well to boost my confidence. Unfortunately, I did not have a good run. Ran out of steam after 5km. However, I think I had a better race in the first 5km compared to the Green Fun Run a day earlier.

Fortunately, I manged to kick my habit of stopping during races. I went really slowly instead of walking. The second 5km of the race was really killing - going uphill was something that I dreaded most. I endured the race and thanks to K.T Wong. He was so steady.

I guessed I must have left him for quite a distance before I hit the 5km mark and he steadily reduce the gap and finally overtook with 3km to go. I tried to match his pace throughout the race. I did not have the power the increase the pace towards the end of the race as I usually do. Glad that I did have the energy in me to sprint home on the straight towards the finishing line.

One consolation is I finished ahead of Mr Lee Yee Sum (PM12). Actually he could have been faster than I was. He lost the few seconds because he had to 'put out the fire in the bushes'.

Preparation for the race:
22/11 - 10.5km walk 1hr 01mins 24secs
25/11 - 2 500m swim 1hr 15mins
26/11 - 10.5km run 56mins 59secs
27/11 - Green Forest Run 45mins 14secs

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