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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Larian Kitar Semula


Date: 04 Mac 2012 | Sunday | 6:45am
Venue: Bandar Seri Putra
Distance: 3km, and 7km
Contact: 012-2655 203

More categories offer. Got kid <12yrs, boys and girls too.
But only BSP resident!... duh!

Anyway... just pop-up on my mind. I think... Why not the registration fee replace with recycle stuffs. Meaning anyone who like to join the event should bring old newspaper, plastic bottles or tin cans in certain weight as registration fee.

Maybe for 10km category must bring 10kg of recycle items. 5km = 5kg or more.

Late registation... 20kg :)

Any organizer want to try?

..from Aiman Cheah

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