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Monday, 2 December 2013

Round The Island Relay 2013: List of Team

An update from previous post..

Category: Men Open
No.Name Of Team
1Osram Penang Runners
2Kolej Komuniti Bayan Baru
3Road Warriors
4Cari Runners Pg A
5Cari Runners Pg B
6Team Japan of Twelve Samurai
7K-Bro Group
8Orange Running Team
9The Wind
10MTS Runners -  Elite
11Lock Luck Runners Oblong
12SXI Fratemity
13Penang Forward Sports Club
14Old Two (O2) Hiking Team
15I – Run

Category: Men Veteran Open
No.Name Of Team
1Lock Luck Runners Otai
2Taiping Road Runners
3Penang Forward Sports Club
4BM Leopard
6Andrew 3
7I-Run A
8I-Run B

Category: MiXeD
No.Name Of Team
2Run Forrest Run
3Die Die Go
4Speedy Tortoise
5SM Mutiara Impian 2
6SM Mutiara Impian 1
7Let’s Go
8Orange Running Team
9Reverts Sport Club
11Penang Forward Sport Club
12Warrior Bootcamp   Team A
13Warrior Bootcamp Team B
14F5- SUN
15F5- MOON
16Capalong Runner
17Faster Faster
18MTS Runners –Gold
19MTS Runners – Silver
20Happy Feet Running Mates
22Andrew 1
23Andrew 2
24Tukang Turbo

..from Govind@PAAA

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