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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Google Adsense Cheque II

Received a Google Adsense cheque yesterday. Second cheque from Google. Not much but I planning to used it on my next running shoes. Need to top-up a bit if I decide to buy new pair of Nike Pegasus.

This cheque, purely came from this blog - Run. Mix. Burn! It has been 10 years of blogging and also 10 years of running. Running really change my life.

I feel great, healthy, more (+)ve and ya.. 10 years for not smoking. Glad I managed to do it. Just throw 18 of 20pieces/pack down the road on birthday anniversary. Next day, I put shoes and jogged around taman - that why running stuck in me.

Anyway.. thanks to my blog readers and visitors. The blog statistic really help my running and continue blogging. Without the statistic, there is no Adsense traffic.

Thank You.

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