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Monday 12 July 2004

Not free anymore

From CyberTarp Free Pay Image Hosting.

Over the past several months, this free picture hosting service has grown tremendously. Unfortunately, the popularity has attracted many people set on abusing our services. Because of these unscrupulous people, we are very sorry to announce that we are unable to continue to run our free picture gallery. We can keep the gallery up for another month (until Friday, August 7, 2004) to give all of our users time to make other arrangements. If you would like to continue to use us as your picture host, we have created a special picture hosting package only available to our loyal gallery members HERE. Make sure to tell us your gallery username when you sign up and we'll give you free service until September 7, 2004 and transfer all of your pictures and albums to your new account. Please contact if you have any questions.

We are sorry to see the site go especially under these circumstances. We wish everyone the best of luck and hope everybody finds a suitable alternative. If you are only interested in free picture hosting, we will post some links to reputable companies on this page.

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