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Wednesday 14 July 2004

Report: Jogathon "Hidup Sihat"

Wake-up late this morning, after had breakfast-fast, quickly pack my running gears and head to Sungai Petani with motorbike. Home to KCS is not far, takes about 15mins with top-speed 280km/h. Try that.. and you will be flying...haha!

Fuhhh...sejuk. Bila nak start nihh

Look around, there not many participants, can say less than 200. Maybe public not well informed. Along the way to KCS, didn't saw any banner or heard any announcement about the jogathon. They not doing enough promotion, even in entrance of KCS the banner just up early this morning.. patut laa.. tarak sambutan. With situation like this may be any event's organizer pikir 9-10 kali or more utk buat running event or jogathon in Sungai Petani. As my experience, this is my first time jog/run in Sungai Petani.

Anyway, my target just an easy run with comfortable pace coz my left leg still under-recover. Just put alot of Sloan's cream half of pack to ease the aching during warm-up. Before flag-off, all of us had to do senam-robik first. OK laa.. can say fun la coz most of participant were primary school with loud music + hits songs.. laugh alot with senam-robik style.

Ceepaat Ikut saya lagu ni.. 6..7..8 lapan lagi.. 1.. 2.. 3..

7:45am after 20mins senam-robik, flag off for A category (cat)and then B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J... Z. Haha! just until D only, for golden age men/women cat. My category is C Open Male. Not many runners in C cat, less than 30. The route is from KCS to Clock Tower, by pass General Hospital, SP Plaza and turn back to KCS. Roads were already buzy by that time. Once i was nearly accident by inpatient drive, although ada traffic police.

5km, turn at Sungai Petani Clock Tower built in 1936 and my time was 24:57:70. Take a rubber band and my left leg start gave me a problem tambah pulak running on hilly road. 3 runners make me feel like sayur taugeh. 7km, stop at water station and continue slow pace... until 9km mark kenot tahan the pain. One of women cat runner try to cheer and push me to continue running - thanks!. 9km - 10km just walk-run. Enter the KCS guard-post, about 400m more so speed-up as i can until finishing line. Pheeeww! 52:01:86, ingat boleh pecah 10km PR... just 30sec++.

Nasib baik bebudak ramai... meriah sikit Finish Line
The Winners are... Pool.. full of kids

Report by Abdul Haris
Date: 14 Julai 2004

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