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Tuesday 21 February 2006

Report: KL Towerthon

Peeeeh! my tongue.. just one jengkal to lick the stairs + hands keep grabbing one stair to another = merangkak laaa.. That's how to describe my first towerthon. Climbing 2058 stairs or 421 metre height in TM Forest Towerthon Challenge 2006.

Came by express bus with Janggut and reach KL at 3:30am - Cilakak! laju nak mampus driver tu bawak 4:30hours. Non-stop. Ingat bas kilang.. ligan trip ka?. Normally it takes 5-5:30hours from SP to KL by car. After breakfast, continue ZZZzzz at Pudu until 5:30am. Then mandi + subuh and walked to KL Tower at 6:30am.

Pick-up my bib# A107 from the Captain and meet-up with N.

During briefing session from N's experience on trial circuit couple of weeks before, heard an annoucement...
"A01 to A170 will start first!" - my category

@starting line. Meet-up afew more friends. Those who're always tag in this blog.

Run+climbing, a bit different from running on flat road. Should run on comfortable pace at initial stage especially from starting line to tower building. Try to maintain the pace and speed abit while climbing the stairs - if could. That was an advice from Rozmi the 3rd winner of final SKN 2005.

Starting line to KL Tower (+-1km. Hilly) = comfortable pace. Breath ok. Legs ok.

Floor 1 - 10
Still running. Sometimes 2 stairs in a step. Able to overtook number of runners. Only a person at a time - Tangga sempit. Sweat start to flow - lencun

Floor 11 - 16
Still running and holding the stair holder.
"How many floor moooorree.."
"Ceeh.. forgot to ask N how many floors to finish line"

Floor 17 - 24
Start crawling. Both hands holding the stairs. Lidah terjeler.. meleret atas tangga. Still continue run+crawling for non-stop. Pour half of drinking water on my head.
"How many floor more?" asked to st.John volunteer
"3 more.." ...dah nak sampai dah.

Try to speed (skit saja) and able to overtook one indian, who i followed his bontot since 18th floor. Then reached the Megaview Banquet Deck - the finish area.. erkkk!!
"Sudah habih ka?"
"Dah... dah" said Chen
My timing was 22.52mins. - Okay laahhh.. first time maahh. No training since 3 weeks. My pain on right leg - gone for awhile. Hopefully tomorrow morning.. the pain really gone after wake-up.

Abit teramat sangat disappointed.. finisher medal was betul2 made of plastik padu.. kedekutnye Telekom. Look likes a world class and well organized event.. but medal.. - aiyah.. bersilau dan merelit.

Meet-up with PM gangstars and my blog visitor - En Zul from PutraJaya. He is going to Seberkas after KLIM. Then ronda2 around exhibition booths with Janggut.

Janggut didn't record his timing... i know this >50 years old man want to kept my water-face. I still could not beat him on any >30km run. He kept telling me, i'm faster than him. Previous towerthon, he clocked 19mins. - Hing Soong Kee

11:00am - Cabut balik. Walked to Pudu
11:30am - Lunch
12:00pm - In express bus + ZZZzzzzZ
05:30pm - Sampai SP.

@Starting line

Running route.

Toward the tower

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Into the KL Tower

Veteran category. Janggut running beside red short runner

Into the Tower

Champion and runner-up winner in Women category

Women category

Entrance. The Challenge begin

Free milo drinks

The result

Expo + Exhibition + Entertainment

with Zul

Gangter KL Menjerit

with Janggut

My first 2006 medal

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