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Sunday, 26 November 2006

3rd Penang International 12 Hour Walk

Not participated. Just went to meet-up & chatted with friends. Still in recovery mode. After pick-up my buddy Alex at Bukit Mertajam, we headed to Padang Kota via ferry. Long time tak naik feri.. a bit shocked that the fare had increased 70cent to RM7.70cent. Compare to Penang Bridge.. still RM7

@Padang Kota. 7pm.
Road between Mahkamah and Padang Kota was close to one lane. But still able to drive on both direction. Other roads.. not affected with traffic.

This year, 12Hour Walk introduce new category - A Team Relay. A team consist of 4 walkers. Think.. dapat banyak sambutan especially from lots from MNC. Number of registration.. also increased. I don't know exactly how the relay team rules.. but i could saw/felt their happy faces and having fun walking race. Was thinking again.. I should highlight this relay team to my company also. Ya.. probably next year.

Sharp at 8pm. - The race started.
Usually when gun bang!.. we could saw huge crowded run pecut gila.. like 100metre.. but here.. everybody start walk slowly... Walk maaah.. 12 hour! they had alot of time to pulun.

Pom2 and snapped their walking action until 10pm. Had to go. Tomorrow.. got date with cycling friends to kayuh from Tikam Batu to Mengkuang Dam and Alex... he go run event at Bukit Mertajam.

Good luck..
Mouse over the photo for description

starting line
With Thean Seng.. the only wakil from SP Runners. ApekPG@Chin and his buddy Tan
With kawan2 yg sentiasa selisih/chatted on running race. Left: Rizal, Mahathir and.. lupa la nama abang..
Thean Seng and Yu Song.. get ready to speed walk
Rest tent
Waiting to flag off at 8pm
The zombies
Another geng of zombies
8pm.. Bang!
Boleh sembang2 lagi tu...

Yu Song from BMA relay member from Singapore.. who was first to complete 1stlap

Right.. Another Muniady from PenangTey and Jamie from KL. Wakil from geng mamak.. Der_pacemakers

Veteran walker.. Pak Wahid. He was a winner on 2nd 12H Walk last 2 years.Sedara N.. Boleh nampak vest + kasut saja. He always smiling all the way

This.. marka from China. Fuh! really fast walkerAhPek @ ChinPG from Penang

SeniorVet from Singapore.. Blog visitorTan.. Best friend of ChinPG.. mana2 pi.. musti depa berdua.

Jamie.. mengantuk :POh!.. Champ! 2nd 12H Walk winner. From Belgium.. if not mistaken

Mr. Anynonmous - Aiman Cheah, from KL.Tey from KL

Relay team.. waiting for partner to continue the walking
Drinking station
100 Plus Station
Food Station. Still early.. After midnight.. macam pesta makan.
At 9:30pm. 1:30H of walking
Chip cross line
Route facing the sea

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  • meriah btol 12Hrs walk.. mmg teringin nak pi, tp clash byk agenda la plak.. participant mcm x ramai je.. starwalk hang dah reg??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:18 pm  

  • Aharis,
    I really admire your semangat, tak ambil bahagian put datang support sampai lewat malam. You punya kawan memang ramai tapi dlm photo, I kenal Yu Song, Chin & Tan. Tahun ini I tambah 3 laps and dapat special award (>81.25km) and beat last year's no 2. Last yr no 1 dari Belgiam injured and out. Tetapi tahun ini ramai lagi lebih changih so I dapat no 5. No 4 & 5 sama lap. Nasib terpulang pada siapa yg datang lah. Tapi I satisfied degan pencapaian saya with 77 laps or 83km.
    Next year enter lah team event. No limit on how many lap for each member. This year only 5 teams.
    From: Ng Huat Beng

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:13 pm  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Juliana, at 2:32 pm  

  • assalamualaikum..hullo there mr alharis.this is my first time visitng ur webbie. cool.. ! ipoh hari tu pergi ke?? went for last year nyer road race,but this year,couldnt juggle the 'so-many-november-runs'..ran wangsamaju,n selayang run..anyway,all the best n the coming runs.and oh ya..i like your fotos...!!!

    ps: happy with the penang walk.. 1st time masuk !! blisters,cramps..but managed thru !!! heheh....

    By Blogger Juliana, at 2:34 pm  

  • Ng Huat beng…

    Apasal u x approach me that day. Are you same comp with Mr. Chin ka?
    Just came for fun… not doing anything on Sunday night. I should change to running apparel laa… pap! pap!!
    Really.. Belgium kalah! How about Pak Wahid?
    Anyway.. salute/congrats to u!! friend.. twice of marathon distance + beaten your rival. That’s sweet
    After this… 24H?... cool!

    By Blogger aharis, at 4:28 pm  

  • Jewelz:
    TQ for visiting.. mai lagi.. buat mcm blog sendirik..
    Ipoh.. x going. Derita.. after Powerman. Till now.. still bertapa.
    Cantek trophy Penang 12H Walk u… + did >marathon… Congrats
    U too.. all the best on yr nx run. GE30k?

    p/s: Lama x upd yr blog…

    By Blogger aharis, at 4:29 pm  

  • Aharis,
    Chin and I same co but he just left bec of VSS. I met my friends before going to the starting line & then go for warm up somewhere. That's why I missed you. Next year I look for you.
    Abd Wahid B Kassim in the senior veteran got 31 placing this year and I don't know why. You can see everybody's results at Actually I heard the Belgium guy got food poisoning and purging. As for 24hr walk, will consider.
    Fr: Ng Huat Beng

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 am  

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