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Thursday 10 May 2007

Report: Larian Bendang 2007

4.00am - Wake-up. Makan roti loor.. modal utk pi toilet.
4:50am - Drove to A.Star
5:15am - Received SMS from runwitme, dia terlajak pi >30km to Kuala Nerang instead of Alor Star.
5:55am - Subuh @Alor Star (AS).
6:15am - Pass the t'shirt & bib# to PM1 and Yaziz
6:30am - Inside the stadium + warm-up + jumpa kekwn + hoi sana-sini
7:00am - Flag off.

First 2-3km Was ran in easy mode along the route in AS town. Ran+chat+said hi+hoi, mostly all runners registered for half were familiar faces. Mana2 pi lari... kengkawan tu jugak.

First 8km, was ran with a friend from Kulim (BM Leopard).. pacing together.. we start overtook others runners. Passed one of stalls at Hutan Kampung.. jual pulut panas dengan ikan gelama kering... as a breakfast. Aroma dia.. puuhh A!!
"Kita patah balik pekena pulut.. mau ka?"

Kami gelak dalam kecungapan..

Turn left into kawasan bendang (paddy field) I increased a bit my pace. Slowly i'm leaving my Kulim friend behind. He gave me a go ahead sign...

Pushing abit when saw a 8km check-point. The volunteer jot-down my bib#.
"Saya nombor berapa?"
"Aaaaaarrrrrr.... 36!"

My stopwatch shown 42.19

The prize money offered until 30th position, marah punya pasai.. was thinking nak buat modal pi Ipoh petang ni. Before reach water-station @11km, sudah potong 3.

Got 2 more in-front and i can't read his/her bib#. Wrapped powergel at water-station drank 2 cups of mineral water while running. Slowly the bib# become readable..

Aaaarrrrggh... women category!!

Now.. i still need to potong another 2 more runners.

The first sayur.. not far. Probably <50m but another one.. fuuhh! sayup! 400m - 500m. Tinggi anak jari saja. Hampeh!

Keep on running and hoping powergel will produce more energy quickly. Potong the 4th (32th) runner. Luckily the 5th (31th) runner stop running for awhile (pancit maybe) .Took a deep breathe. Speed-up and potong him.

Inside.. I was very gumbira tak terkata.

But that only last for 3mins.. he chase and run beside me.
"Dah habih dah.. kita dok kat nombor 30 lebih dah"
"Ya ka?!"

I was hoping ada ramai women runner in-front so they wrongly calculate.. then i meet-up with Rachel who busy taking photo of runners.
"You two.. 36 and 37"

Aaarggh.. keciwanyer. Kena kencing. Suddenly my pace drop into easy mode and i let the guy beside me potong me back and speed-up. Only 3km to finish line and we were in taman house area. There was no point to pecut. A 160km Century Ride is waiting for me tomorrow - Kang rosak kaki. Lagi naya.

Run in easy pace, a guy in-front of me kept on kelui aku... Gave me a sign to run with him until finish line. I gave a go ahead sign to him when climbing the flyover in-front of Bomba building.

Cross the finish line in 1:37.19. Right.. no number position for me. Kids + wife waiting and snapped a photo finish for me. Thanks. Later i found i renew my personal best which i did 2 years ago in here 1:37.49. 30sec faster.

..Gumbira again.

With PM1, Yaziz and Tean Seng (SP Runners)

<1km after flag-off and ran out of stadium. In-front.. Cikgu Tan, accompany+pushing his wife. Pak Ya on my right.

Live telecast on RTM with Sultan & Sultanah. Doing aerobic before 11km flag-off

Last 3km. With 36th runner. Dia ajak sembang on the run.. aku dah nyawa2 ikan.

I'm coming..

RM50.. RM50... RM50... puuuffff!

Sultanah coming to finish line

Tean Seng from SP Runner

Kawan dari Parit Buntar... nama?

Finish line.

Yu Song from BM Leopard. Going to KK Climbathon

Kawan... dari.. lupa. Selalu dok sembang nih..

Yg ni tak lupa.. kawan sebilik @IPBR06. Pak Ya from BM

Penyokong / tukang-sorak. Tunggu anak2 depa sampai.

Taukey BM Leopard.. 9th in 11km Veteran

Fadzil & pap!.. lupa lagi.

Tengah atur strategi. Sapa dok depan.

Enjoy the horse riding

..thanks to Rachel for photos

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  • kat Hutan Kampung yg jual pulut panas+gelama kering tu aku dah nak stop pekena seround buat ganti powergel sbb x bwk.. sib baik x bwk $$$, kalo x aku dah berkelah kat situ.. :)

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 2:40 pm  

  • abang haris..wah..future mesti lari satu kali padi field..cantik sekali...

    By Blogger Keipo, at 9:31 pm  

  • N:
    Lepas lari.. aku pekena pulut durian as a breakfast.. lagi A.
    Insyallah tawon depan mai gabuih lagi 3-4ratus.. k!
    Turn hg open table..

    AhTey!.. view.. cantek!. + fresh air lagi. All are welcome and bring the DigSLR cam with huge memory

    By Blogger aharis, at 11:46 am  

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