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Friday 29 June 2007

Report: 10k Karnival Sukan 2007

Did you believe after 4 years of running, I still nervous when standing behind starting line. Gila babi punya. Felt that I want said to team manager - aku sakit perut or kaki aku dah capek. And sit down watching running event - But that lagi sakit jiwa.

Most of my colleagues put a high hope on me. Cilakak!. Every time I bump, they remind about mini-marathon (MM) - "What mini?" I reply.

Last time they held Karnival Sukan (KS) was in 2001 at Universiti Tenaga (UNITEN) and postpone until 2007. Probably no budget or in transition period between Tan Sri Salleh Sulong and Syed Bukhari.

At UIA, they charted student hostels and sport facilities for 3 days. Starting from Friday 21June to Sunday 24June. First time in UIA.. I was impressed with the mosque. Wuih! canteekk. Located in the middle administration building and take a chance to perform Friday prayer inside.

In KS, the groups were divided into six teams, Utara/Northern (MyCompany, Hicom-Honda, ZF-Steering and KLAS), Eastern/Timur, Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Central and Alam Flora. Sport events that play along 3 days were football, futsal, netball, volleyball, sepaktakraw, netball, ping-pong, squash, badminton, carom, dart, tennis, tarik-tali and the introduction of MM.

Scheduled as the last event, a 10km MM flag off on Sunday 7:30am was divide into 3 categories 10k for open (<35years old), 5km for men veteran and women. Then follow by the final match of in/out-door events.

Saturday night.
There was a concert by M.Nasir and Ramli Sarip at UIA stadium on big-company invitation. I was not interested although i'm big fan of both artists. Stayed in room and try to finish an inspiration book couriered by my friend a week before - Thank you. In 3 days i covered 3rd quarter of the book. The fastest book i ever read. Can't stop reading.

Blue - 10km and Red - 5km route

Sunday. 7:00am @Stadium. Half hour more. Gabra. Decide to plug-in my mp3 player along running. Scanning the runners thru attire and shoes and located only 3-4 are serious runners. One of them wearing a Singapore Marathon running vest but with Power brand shoes. Eeemm.. pinjam kot. Another guy with Awana Trailblazer vest... nampak ganas. Went talk and chat with him. Korek skit. Got Indians too but look like in veteran category. Sorang lagi with complete running suit with branded/rusty shoes.

1st 1km, i still running slow behind. We were running outside of UIA compound. By 2km i was lead the group. Running with big bike of UIA's police traffic make me felt like Kenyan. :P He would stop any vehicle came behind or against and guide me to running route

Route. Gila babi punya bukit. Naik. Turun. Naik. Turun. Naik. Naik. Naik. Turun. Naik. Flat road... probably 2-3km. While on flat... aku pecut and nobody behind. So i ran easy pace enjoy the songs. - Silap besar!

The rusty shoes guy was behind me. 5-6 steps behind. Terkejut beruk aku. I was ran gila babi until i don't know songs was played on my mp3 player. Each time on hillies he reduce the gap.

Until on last hill, my stopwatch shown 27mins and he sayur me while climbing. I though to gave him a chance and chase him on flat. He was on top and i still climbing (running with selow pace) and once i top of the hill...


The finish line was 400-500metre infront. And the rusty shoes guy pecut gila while running downhill with his team cheering him up.

Pundek. Kuda Kepang. – Finish in 31mins and tah berapa pak saad tah.

Actually..(kisah benar) while running (half route), i had some kind of dejavu. The images keep on flashing on my mind again.. again and again until i had to volume up the mp3 player to ignore it.
- The image of finished in 2nd.

Overall the mini-marathon was won by Timur team. Depa kutip banyak mata/point in women and veteran category.

Until 1pm, my Utara team won tarik-tali, ping-pong, sepak-takraw, football and futsal. And the comittee declare our team as a winner in Karnival Sukan 2007

Yeah! Proud of it. UTARA!

With Mizi. A regular runner in veteran category.

"Hangpa kena lari kat luaq nuuuhh.."

Starting line

Finish line

The runners

Final football

Goooollll!!. 2-1


Tarik tali final pompuan - kalah.

The favorite.



MyComp CEO on podium

Red Devils

Champion celebration. This team also.. akan pecah Stadium Batu Kawan this saturday. Kedah vs Perlis

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  • tuuuu diaaaaa... sukan olimpik pon kalah... sakan hangpa no...
    btw, dah abih baca bleh la citer inspirasi2 ek.. :)

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 3:06 pm  

  • Kedah pulun Kedah!!!

    Aku akan sorak depan TV... dah book our TV tonite... bini kena tengok program-nya kat rumah sebelah...hehehe, aku menang!

    John dari KL, hati masih kat Alor Setaq.

    By Blogger John, at 12:28 pm  

  • Haris,

    Tahun ni bila ASJC half-marathon, hang nanti pos dalam web hang, mungkin aku balik Kangar, boleh ambil bahagian..John pun mungkin nak balik Alor Setar kot? Hang mai ka adidas King Road race?

    Kedah menang FA Cup semalam..depa kata pemain Perlis kena beli, betoi ka..hehe..grrmm..

    Dengar ada Perlis Int'l Cross Country Run 18 Nov, 2007, by Perlis Tourism, kalau hang dapat more info, bagi tau no..

    Ok, salam


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:09 pm  

  • Nasib baik... kalau tak sure qualified utk 10km olympic beijing 31min :P
    Buku tuh.. sampai rumah jadi selow. Tapi best.

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:07 pm  

  • John,
    Kedah MENANG!!! yeah!
    Hip hip horeeeyyy!

    But kesian kat Sultan kena jalan 2km ke stadium. Jalan jem.

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:09 pm  

  • Yaziz,

    Panjang umuq hang. Tghari tadi aku receive phone. Aloq Star Jogging Club Half-Marathon confirm!. August. Borang dah terima. Will post shortly.

    And John...
    Tak mau lari kat kampung ka?

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:11 pm  

  • Yaziz,

    KOTR - tak pi.
    Bola - x berapa best. Depa menang nasib.
    X-Country - Nanti calling depa check tengok.

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:13 pm  

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