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Sunday, 28 January 2007

Good old days :)

Bukit Mertajam Biathlon 2006: Clips

Received a dvd from Alex somewhere in 3-4months ago. A dvd of 1st Bukit Mertajam Biathlon Carnival 2006. Why "Carnival"? Why not ..Biathlon 2006 only.. The registration was so expensive. Can't remember how much.. but more than RM50. RM40 is for a dvd production cost. Luckily they capture alot of my fear-factor actions.. :P

The event was held on Labour Day (1st May) last year. Start at 2pm something. You could read the report here.

So sibuk until almost forgot about this DVD - actually not enough tools. Alot of local superstars/actors inside and also national stars. Took about 2:45mins to finish watch it.

So guys.. enjoy the clips. Don't forgot to locate the main actor with his usual running vest blue+orange and black tight with gerek cabuk.

p/s: already try my best to compress the clips in various format, finally flash is the best. With the slow net conection... Just be patient - okay.

1. Introduction
At Cherok To'kun Park Bukit Mertajam. - Reformasi!

2. Head Count / Rollcall
Malu kucing. Start from belakang. Razani in oren vest.

3. FlagOff for Open Category
Tengok tang last. 2nd last.
The climbing start! Cilakak.. it was so steep. My jantung terabok a few times. That was my first bike race.

4. 3rd disciplines - Tunton Gerek
Can not tahan, think my 3rd discipline.. lagi laju than kayuh. - Tunton gerek

5. Najib running downhill
Najib, did a relay with Azizan. Azizan finished in top 3 for mtb.

6. Razani - transition + run
Razani at transition area. Change his shoes for 2nd discipline.

7. Tunton + Run
Actually i'm doing tunton+bike+tunton. Not all the way tunton.. Percaya laaa.

8. Run downhill
I love this part.. trail run. Did not gave damn chances to those in-front my eyeballs.

9. At Iron Ladder (tengah hutan)
I'm chasing the guy in yellow bike-t quite sometimes. Laju dia. Yap! aku tolak and humban dia masuk jurang hutan.

10. Najib and Razani
Next target.. these guys. But luciky they not in my eyeballs. Nasib baik hangpa..

11. Tengah hutan belantara
Nobody in-front.. Cuak! betul ka.. jalan ni. Nasib baik ada cameraman.

12. Razani and Najib @ Finish Line
Razani won for Open category and Najib's team 4th kot...

13. @500m to Finish Line
Ya! Abang LeTua in-front - sayur! chasing this veteran's category once in my radar. 300m more.. pecut.

14. Finish Line
Phew.. dapat potong veteran champion pun jadik lah...

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  • amboi.. down memory lane nyer.. tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pulak tempat jadi taiko kat sekolah!! hahaha...

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 6:56 pm  

  • Taiko kena reject dari sekolah..

    By Blogger aharis, at 12:14 pm  

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