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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Report Amazing Kidneys Walk

By Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap

Date: 16th March, 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 7.00 am (registration). 8.00 am (Walk)
Venue: Taman Jaya Recreational Park, Petaling Jaya (Opposite Amcorp Mall)

This is a charity walk. Non-competitive and the purpose is to create awareness of the importance of kidney and how not to abuse them.

I reached the venue at around 7.30 am and quickly reported for the event. I went late because I have pre-registered for the event. I was informed that they had run out of adult sized t-shirts. It was fine with me because it was not compulsory to wear them during the walk. I took the small one which fitted nicely with my eldest child. I planned that she should wear it for the colouring competition to be held in the afternoon.

Mr Louis Cheong Koon Hoe had started the warm up session. I just joined him. I have always enjoyed the warm up session by him in various charity events. He is also a technical official with the FTAAA.

The walk began after all the speeches. We had to walk two laps which were about 4km. However, I think it was less than one km per lap. I did about 6 minutes per lap. There was no way I could go that fast because I was not fit for a race. I took the lead after half of the first lap. It was a good exercise and continued doing 5 laps. Took it as training as I completed the first two laps in about 11 minutes. If it was a race, I would not stand a chance to be leading. There were three ‘good walkers’ and I have never "outwalked" one of them.

There was lucky draw after the warm down session. Not lucky this time but no one walked home empty handed. We got our goodie bag at the Amcorp Mall.

I returned to Amcorp Mall in the afternoon for the colouring contest. There were two professional looking young artists. They brought along their 'table' for colouring. They won hands down, clearly a class above the rest. However, my daughter was very happy because she was judged 4th. She was so proud. She owed it to her mummy who coached her on which colours to use. Not too bad for a 4-year-old child.

I may go to Serdang Hospital next week for another walk. I guess it is also a non-competitive walk and probably no goodie bag because it is free. There will also be colouring contest and healthy cooking demonstration. It should be a good family event. I may go for another screening test because I am not satisfied with the result especially on cholesterol.

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