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Thursday 5 June 2008

Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run 2008

Date: 26 June 2008
Organiser: Sutera Harbour Resort
Contact Person: Communications Department
Telephone: +6088 318888 ext. 3341
Fax: +6088 303338
Email Contact:

This is a fun way to raise funds for the needy. There will be no prize awarded to ''winners'' of the Run, but runners who complete the 7K route within the time limit will qualify for the main lucky draws. This is a fun event where the whole family can participate in various activities held in conjunction with the Run, such as lucky draws and enjoy live entertainment during the finale. There will also be food and game stalls for all. from runwitme. eh! How the Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run 2007 looks like? Read his report.

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