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Thursday 30 December 2010

Report: Melaka Coastal Charity Fun Run

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 26 December 2010 | Sunday | 7:30am
Venue: Coastal Road, Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka
Category: Men Open (Age 50 & below)
Result: 30:24

This is my second race in Malacca. The previous one was also a charity race somewhere in Klebang.

It was more of a holiday rather than a race. It turned out to be quite a nightmare. I have not been caught in a massive traffic jam for a long time and in such a long hour! The journey along the highway was good but when exiting Alor Gajah Toll, the nightmare began.

I reached there around 4.30 p.m. I was very happy because I had wanted to check in by 5.00p.m. 7km from the guest house (all the hotels I called were fully booked) in half an hour should not be a problem. How wrong I was! I reached the town centre at almost 7p.m. Traffic was almost standstill.

I decided to have dinner after finding that I had taken the wrong route. It would be another nightmare to try looking for the guesthouse in such traffic condition. While my wife and her cousin ordered the food, I walked around town to find the guesthouse with my son. Actually it was the other side of the road just about a kilometre away but I could not get there because it is one way street.

After dinner, we walked along the Melaka River. It was cool and the scenery was nice. We wanted to take the cruise but unfortunately the boats were packed and none stopped at the jetty. So we walked back. One the way back, we stopped at the 'fun fare'. Took the merry go round ride - RM5 for adult and RM3 for children.By the time I reached my van, it was almost half past eleven. Took two rounds to get to the guesthouse as I missed the first turning.

By the time I settled down, it was 12.30! Only 5 hours of sleep and I was pretty tired.

Checked out at a quarter past six. Decided not to go back to the guesthouse lest caught in the jam and I don't really know my way there! I parked near Mahkota Parade where other runners parked their cars. I thought it was still very early because it was not seven yet.

I did not know that the starting line was quite far. It took me about 20 minutes walk to reach there as I was walking with my family. I decided to leave them when I saw the starting point which was far away. I reached there about 5 minutes before flagged off.

Started at the back as I just wanted to have a slow run. I had not been doing serious workouts after the Penang Starwalk. Give my body a chance to rest. It was an enjoyable run especially going across the Melaka River as it was cool and windy.

The finishing medal was nice - the shape of A'Famosa Fort.

On the way back I stopped at Mini Malaysia. Many of the places were closed for renovation. Only adults were charged and children get free entry. We were just in time to watch the cultural show. My wife warned me not to leave too late. We left by 4 p.m.

It was another nightmare on the way home. Traffic was massive near Senawang Toll. When exiting Sungai Besi Toll, traffic came to a standstill. It could be due to football fans going to Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

It would be a memorable outing had I not been caught in the traffic!

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