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Thursday 16 December 2010

Update: Round-The-Island Relay 2010

This Sunday. 19 December 2010. They will conquer the island.

Category: Men Open
No.Name Of TeamBLACK
1BM LeopardA
2Penang Turf Club RunnersB
3Forward Sports Club AC
4Forward Sports Club BD
5Phor Tay (Kelvin)E
6Western Digital F
7Team Happy Run - FarlimG
9adiNation Pacesetter Malaysia 1J
10adiNation Pacesetter Malaysia 2K
11Cari RunnersM

Category: Men Veteran Open
No.Name Of TeamGREEN
1Old & YoungN
2Forward Sports Club CP
3Old Two (O2) Hiking TeamQ
4Old Xaverians Association 92 AR
5Old Xaverians Association 92 BS
7Taiping Road RunnersU
8i- Run Waterfall Warriors- WoodV
9i- Run Waterfall Warriors- TimberW

Category: MiXeD
No.Name Of TeamRED
1Rubber Burners1
2i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Water2
3i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Metal3
4i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Fire4
5i- Run Waterfall Warriors- Earth5
6Kuala Lumpur6

..from AlexOng - BM Leopard

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