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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Young Endurance Athletes

Date: 26 December 2010
Venue: Kolam Renang Awam, Precinct 6, Putrajaya

Salam sejahtera,

Dear friends. After a long pause, Young Endurance Athletes is coming back to town. This time it plan to stay in Putrajaya as a 'baby' to Triathlon Association of Putrajaya (TRIPUTRA) which has been established on 24 Jan 2010.

Your support and love for triathlon will be continued with this little effort from us whilst the main push factor behind this are all of you - the PROUD PARENTS who wants their children to live happy and healthy all their lives.

I hope you will continue to participate especially next year with more plans in the pipeline. Thank you.

Major Kalam Pie RMAF
President TRIPUTRA

Detail and registration form, here.

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