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Friday 28 March 2014

Buah tangan dari Hatyai Hospital: Nike Pegasus+ 30

Bought another pair of reliable running shoes. Still serve me well and still my favorite companion while I'm on the road or track - Nike Pegasus+ 30.

It is my 5th pairs of Nike Pegasus model. Previous 4 models were Pegasus 2003, Pegasus 2005, Pegasus 2007 and Pegasus 28. Pegasus again? Ya... I will stick with Pegasus as long as I could run freely like a child..

Nike Pegasus+ 30

Bought at Hatyai Central Festival last week, a new shopping mall located nearby Greenway Shopping Market. A very huge shopping mall. They gave a 40% discount from retail price for this color - Great offer!

I prefer this Fortress Green color but it's 10% discount less than blue.

I grab it without thinking twice once the promoter said my size available (lucky me) and paid using cash from Google Adsense cheque.

Terima kasih to my readers and visitors and also Google - I'm running free.

Nike Pegasus+ 30
Nike Pegasus+ 30
Nike Pegasus+ 30

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