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Sunday 25 July 2004

Report: Ipoh Star Walk

Wow! a family pic in The Star, Monday 26 April 2004. Metro Section, Page 4!

The first Star Walk in Ipoh 25th April 2004

It's my second run/walk event after IPBR 2003 in Penang & first-time joining StarWalk. After wife give birth to Jasmin in July, i had to slow-down running activities. Just jog around taman. Saw an advertisement on local newspaper for Ipoh StarWalk and knowing that, it was a fun walk over 5km, so quickly register and include my wife. In first stage my mother/father in-law also want to join, but had to canceled last minute. Luckly not post registeration form yet. Save my RM10. Reason why doing StarWalk, coz to let my wife feel how seronok/excited entering running event. Before, she always bising2 when i out for training after come back from office. Seem this is the only fun-walk event, so decided to join with whole family.

Main title in The Star 26th April 2004, Metro Section, Page 4

Reach ipoh a day before and collect goodies and t'shirt at TheStar office. They were amazed coz, we were coming along the way from Gurun, Kedah and register for whole family. "Just take care your family, there will be huge crowded out there tommorrow morning" said one of staffs, before left the office.

Stay at FairPark Hotel after hours looking for lodging. Night, drive around Ipoh town and enjoy night scenery. Had dinner near GeorgeTown shopping complex. Kids already mengantuk lohh...

Smile! You're in The Star!Ipoh StarWalk morning, decide to start behind the crowded with kid stroller for Jasmin (she still sleep). After flag off, wait for 2-3 mins let the crowded go first. Just a few metres walking, came a reporter and snap us photos. He asking for name and age.. Fuh!.. sure esok pagi masuk paper punya.. My wife sudah seronok, she pull the stroller and i'm walking with Alauddin. Masuk 1km mark, Alauddin sudah meragam.. dia suruh dukung plak.. ingat dukung-jalan okay laa.. at last along 4km i had to dukung him until finish line.. huyooo.. patah pinggang huh!

Along the fun-walk, can see alot kind of people entering the walk. Ada blind person who accompany by his best-friend. Ada disable people with no hand & leg. Ada disable kids in stroller pull by his father. Ada a very2 old veteran,i guess around 80-85 old and i see him again in Ipoh International Run. Fuh!.. really amazing. Along the way we were chit-chat with others. Say hi there, there and there... Half route, i left my wife and speed-up my walking pace dengan dukung Alaudin on my back until cross finish line.

Just before my wife reach finish line, a reporter came and take a few photo of them (wife +Jasmin.. she still sleep). I can see she so happy.. yeelaa.. a press tangkap gambor, sapa tak gumbira... Had breakfast at car and wait for unlucky draw... ceh tak dapat pun althought ada sampai 5 lucky number.. Back to hotel, pack and take-off to Gurun. Need to take/buy an MC for my wife, dia tuang sekolah...

Report: Abdul Haris Shariff
Date: 25 July, 2004

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  • keep on harris... even though people might say you are different but it is our life.... who cares... -friend of you-

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