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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Report: Walkathon Hari Fisioterapi

Date: 10 December 2011 | Saturday | 7:00am
Venue: Hospital Pakar Metro, Sungai Petani, Kedah
Distance: 5km adult and 3km for kids
Time: No timing
Shoes: Nike LunarGlide +2

The event was organized by Hospital Metro Hospital Sungai Petani. It has been long time Metro Hospital not doing any jogging or walking event. Last time I join was 2004. First time I meet-up Alex Ong - weird Chinese guy with misai. Now... become best friends.

Offered 2 categories for adult - Men and Women. Should at least 4 categories to gain more participants. Not fair for veteran racing with generation Y. I not interested much in competition but I signup because of children category - <12yrs old. But still tak puashati.. only 1 category for children - boys vs girls. Come on lar.. kesian la bebudak. Jangan la naya bebudak. Bagi hadiah RM30~RM10 pon depa dah cukop seronok.

I'm not talking about slim chance for my kids, but I said in general.

More tak puashati...

They imposed walkathon rules, with lack of judges to monitor and non-certified official in walkathon event. Actually organizing a walkathon is harder than jogathon. A fair event need alot of judges along the route and the result not coming instantly from finish line. Kalau offer hamper saja takpa la, but when cash prize involved.. hangin lar sapa yang kena getah.

Anyway.. I pejam mata. Others.. semua tu kawan-kawan.

A week before, I managed racun jiran depan rumah to join. He is retired army with 3 kids. Two of them including him, decide to register. We went together that morning.

Before flag-off I DSQ (disqualified) myself. My 3 years old Fansuri decide to join after her brother and sister pinned the bib on t'shirt.

I ran with Fansuri in stroller from start until cross the finish line. As usual she is talkative. Kena layan soalan dia while running. Panas lah, Habuk lah, Kereta sama macam kita lah, Suruh tolak pelan-pelan lah… Huh!..kacau but it was enjoyable running with her in stroller. I got some privilege from motorist and people nearby along walking route.

2~3 offical tegur because i running
Takpa bang, saya lari syiok2 aja

Then ada top walker bising-bising while I sayur him..
Cakap cara elok. Dia bising jugak.. last2 I said..
No worries.. Nanti i menang.. you ambil hadiah tu...

Terus speed-up left him.

A few steps to finished line. The official shout to me...
Huh! kuatnya dia jerit.

I finished second. Jasmin also finished 2nd. Both of us DSQ. Walking seem hard to her too.

Before going back, we were lucky.. Alauddin bib# kena lucky draw and for the grand prize, my anak jiran plak kena... Fuh! sakan. Later that night, kitaorang pakat "pecah" hamper after dinner.


Men+Women category

Kidz line-up



Abang baju merah.. jerit - Disqualified!!!

Alex Ong tak boleh makan disiplin nih

Jiran - Khairul Umor

Women winners

Kidz winners

Men Winners

Lucky Draw Grand Prize winner!

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