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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The 2007

Update my 2007 calendar. Including running, trail running, climbing, cycling, duathlon and triathlon. Swimming.. not yet. May be soon. You could refer the calendar on right column.

Mostly I focus on local/nearest events. There are a lot-lots of running events but those who love trail running.. there will be Sirkit Kembara series as a training ground, incase you decide for the world’s toughest mountain race – Kinabalu Climbathon. Dare enough?

For cycling.. there will an amateur race organized by Cyfora series. Check their website for more detail and location.

Running + Cycling?.. Yap! Malaysian Duathlon Series is back.. but so far got no detail for location. Probably I will concentrate more in this and try to improve the timing.

Triathlon.. Can they organize in kid’s swimming pool?

Got no target for 2007, just trying to get fit and run again without injuries. Slow pon takpa.

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  • haaaa... tu dia... berderet calendar of events dia... dah shopping utk wardrobe baru ka?? :)

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 6:53 pm  

  • Mana ada..
    Pakai yg lama. Simpan $$ pi event. :(

    By Blogger aharis, at 12:09 pm  

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