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Thursday 13 January 2011

Report: Larian Moonlight Jogathon

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 11 January 2011 | Tuesday | 9:00pm
Venue: Kolej Kediaman Ibnu Sina, Universiti Malaya
Distance: 3km
Time: 18:16

I came to know about this run from the newspaper. Inquired about the event but it seemed like the organizer was not so keen on public participants.

With little information, I only asked my student if he wanted to join me. Entry fee is only RM3. On site registration. Certificates for the first 120 registration which should be for the first 120 finishers. Prizes are for top 10 in each category - Men and Women.

I would say that it was a well organized race. It was sort of Pacesetters breakfast run. After the race, sandwiches, watermelon and drinks were provided. More races should be in this form I think, to promote running.

Prizes were the same for the top 10 finishers - a medal, certificate and t-shirt to commemorate Fiesta Ibnu Sina. My student just made it for the 10th placing. I was well far behind him, more than 3 minutes.

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