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Thursday 24 November 2011

Report: Nestle - World Walking Day 2011

By Aiman Cheah

Venue: Water Sport Centre, Precint 6, Putrajaya
Date: 20 November 2011 | 8.00 am
Distance: 5km (5 000 steps)
Time: 1hr 15mins
Organizer: Nestle

A non-competition event. I took the opportunity to walk with my children. The route is similar with Tesco Walk For Children earlier of the year.

At the start

1Malaysia drum. Also similar to the performance during the Tesco Walk For Children.

Photos courtesy of

My timing was good as while 'filling' up the stomach with drinks and food - Milo, breakfast cereal and noodles, it was the lucky draw sessions. Only 26 prizes so it was a remote chance to strike.

It was a well organized event and followed the programme closely. Well done Nestle... truly Good Food, Good Life.

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