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Thursday, 3 January 2008

2008 - Happy New Year!

Selamat Tahun Baru semua not to forget, next week muslim will celebrate a new year too - 1429 Hijrah. Yes! it's Kedah's public holiday.

Along the 2007 i had log 131 race events in this blog including cycling, duathlon, triathlon and biathlon. Some of them an annual event. If you planning to participate this year, maybe you could marked the date or week. I summarize and put in text file (url) below Forms & Events section.

So far in 2007, i ran 14 race events. Quite a few compare to 2006. Sudah tua kot.. kaki pon dah kaput. Between 14 race events, 2 half marathon, 2 bike racing, 2 team relay event and the rest were run races.

Out of 14, i managed to get 11 medals. The most memorable events were..
- 160km Century Ride: The longest distance i ever rode.
- 10km SportGames: Felt ran as an elite runner and escort by police traffic big bike but kena sayur a few metre and lost first position.
- Powerman: The hardest race event in 2007 and i did my personal best.

The best events that i participated (highly recommend to register)
- Larian Bendang: A scenic view running route thru kampung and paddy field and 2 day of expo.
- Powerman: The only duathlon event in Malaysia.
- KRI Road Race: Everybody runners will agree this is a 5 stars running event in Ipoh.

The worst event... i think there is no such as worst event. We are runners we love running. Short or extra fine to us. The only is bad organizing of event. They overlook on necessity of running event.

2008 - A new year, a new dream and new target.
What is your target this year?
It does matter half, marathon, duathlon, triathlon, climbathon, start running or walking. It is between you and yourself.

If your boss could set targets for you, why not set an achievable target for yourself - And go score it.. Goal?! You are the winners of the year.


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