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Monday, 7 January 2008

Report: Penang Starwalk 2007

By Aiman Cheah Tiong Chap
Date 16 December 2007

I was fortunate because I have a good two weeks for preparation. On 13th Dec I was able to run 10.5km in 53mins and on 14th Dec I managed to walk 10.5km in 1hr 04mins. I must also thank Abdul Haris Shariff for his indirect encouragement in the preparation for the race.

Luck was on my side on race day. I managed to be at the fifth row. Yu Song was two rows in front. When the gun went off, most of the competitors started off with such a furious pace. That was a good sign because it left some space for me to make my move.

I knew I had a good pace because I caught up with Mr. Aplaidoo after 6 minutes. I went a bit too fast as I could not catch my breath when pressuring a Singaporean walker at the 12 minute. Eased off the pace and he left me for almost 50 metres behind. I just walked at a comfortable pace and at times stepped up the pace to catch up with him. I overtook Yu Song after 31 minutes. I completed the race in 58mins 58 secs.

That was my best ever timing in the Penang Starwalk, having finishing empty handed last year with the time of 1 hour 10 mins. The timing also clear my conscience in 2004 where I clocked 1hr 02mins 04secs and was disqualified. I was very sore with the official who claimed that I ran. I did not even float, let alone run! He was a young official and I am sure many competitors were victimized by him!

What I am trying to share here is that everyone can enjoy a race and be ‘successful’ if success is measured by one’s own ability and preparation. I may have finished 2001 PJ Half Marathon in 1hr 38mins but I also have completed 2006 Seremban Half Marathon in 2hrs 35mins. Both are a success to me in different ways. It will be futile to compare with others because they are of different levels.


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