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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Nike Air Pegasus+

Got myself a new pair of Nike's Pegasus series for Raya Aidiladha. Can not tahan already. Along December torture me hardly. Got no mood to run or even jog. Hati mau lari but legs - tarak mau. Just like when I own the Asic Kayano 13.

The Pegasus 2005 model felt like I ran on barefoot, no more cushion. Could felt my foot stepping on tarmac. + tapak pon dah lekang and stability pon dah kureng. Sometimes it's hurt my legs after workout. Emmm.. maybe my Powerman slow because of it. Heheee.. anyway the 2007 KRI 12km Road Race was last race for it.

Actually.. when i bought it on December 2005, i pick-up wrong size. I forgot the previous shoes size which is less 0.5 US size. Then i tried it with thin socks from sox-world - yeah! it fit and got a room for my toes.

My first race with these shoes was Larian Aids at Taman Jublee, Sungai Petani which i finished in 10th and grabbed the last medal. With this shoes, I ran 27 races. Got no record for mileage probably more than 800km including training ran. And with this shoes.. it brought me up to KL Towerthon, twice of Gunung Jerai summit, twice of Powerman event and Mount Kinabalu summit. + number of half marathon and short road/trail races. This wrong size of shoes provide me a comfortable racing and training run along the two years. Sometimes it dragged me fast and sometimes too slow - maybe legs too tired.

But when you have two same stuffs, usually you will thinking to try a different one. So i bought a new brand/model running shoes 4 month ago - An Asics: Kayano 13. Huh! for me.. mahai siot. But it causes me injuries each time i ran race. My worst race with Kayano 13 was Larian Ria at Bukit Mertajam.

After AIMST Unity Run the Kayano 13 was sold to my running friend. Glad to hear that my friend gumbira running with my Kayano 13. Guess that my jodoh with Asic tarak. So now I turn back to my favorite shoes model - PEGASUS.

Bought at Penang a day after Aidiladha at Queensbay. Before that i when to Nike outlet at Plaza Gurney but the owner very tangkai jering - not giving any discount for 2007 model. Except 10% on 2006 model which is same price with 2007 model. Back to Queensbay, luckily i meet-up my old friend who worked in that store and he gave me 15% discount for the latest Nike's Pegasus 2007 model - Air Pegasus+. Fulamak! i paid less RM300 for this model.

On Sunday @7am after a month without serious training run. I put Air Pegasus+ and ran heading to trail route - Ladang Thye Eng. As usual without proper warm-up i felt hard to run for first 5-10 minutes on tarmac. Hitting the trail route, legs getting stronger and comfortable. Had to stop twice to pick-up ketui batu for barking friends.

Surprisingly i crossed one of traffic light posts, 2 minutes less from my training record. Then i slow-down for last 2.5km before finish my 9km test-run. I was away a few second from my personal training best. - Canteeek. Perfect for my legs and i waiting to start a new year.

Pegasus series: 2007, 2005 and 2003.


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