Run. Mix. Burn!

Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Report Fitness Run @ Kg. Seronok

Larian Kecergasan Rakan Muda, Organised by Kelab Cabaran P.Pinang and Jabatan Belia & Sukan P.Pinang. Held in one of most famous Malay kampung in Penang. Been awarded as kampung Tercantik in Malaysia don't know what year, but it's really cantik. You don't see any rubbish and wonder mana they throw sampah... tong sampah ka?.. Every house has their own mini taman..

Jasmin. Alauddin Love this picture Buat Kota Sarang Semut

Energy foods, Ikan bakaq + Sotong & Kerang.. burrp! A night before went to Teluk Tempoyak for a dinner.. Guess what.. those who use to be having a dinner there (famous with ikan bakar).. it's no more already!. That kampung sudah kena taufan tsunami.. every thing gone + terbang... tinggal meja makan simen & play ground!. So shock, last time pi around 3-4 months ago. Anyway, we go to the other side kampung (got chalet atas laut, recommend to stay if got IPBR 2004). Pekena ikan + sotong + kerang bakar.. for both of us, only RM25.. not bad!.. Esok habis laa.. ikan + sotong + kerang kena bakar lagi..

Cepat sapa tak register lagi... Mai ambik gelang tangan..ceeeeepaaat! Mengantuknyeee.. Pang!.. boleh start lari noohh Mana dia ni.. lembab betul..

Running start sharp 8am, participant around 300-400. Route cover jalan kampung, kebun manggis, kebun durian, bukit-bukau and Bayan Lepas airport.. i tot it was an off road race... but after 2km.. masuk jalan tar.. fuh! lega.. from 3km to finished line, was running with a new friend from Kulim, iayaah forgot to ask his name...

50M to finish line.. yeeehaaaa Mana gambaq aku tah.. Water Station.. kat sapa aku nak bagi no. lucky draw

He also use to enter a running event around kedah, penang. He plan to join Larian Muhibbah this coming weekend 5/9 at Nibong Tebal (my hometown).. dia ajak sekali but I had to turun KL for KOTR on same date. We're running together until finish line. Distance for this running only 7.3km and managed to finished in 37.25mins. Okay laa.. and yg gumbiranye my left leg sudah 100% recover... after a month++ not running and it recover by itself.. alhamduliah!

Okay KOTR "Impossible is Nothing". Let's rok!

KRI Annual 10-K Road Race 2004

VENUE: Start/Finish - Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz (Polo Groun), Ipoh
DATE: 17th October 2004 (Sunday)
TIME: Reporting Time: 6am-7am, Starting Time: 7.30am

Participants may compete in any one of the following categories:
Code Categories / Age Qualification Trphie / Prizes To Be Awarded
A. Boys / 13 - 18 years / 1 - 15
B. Men Open / 19 - 39 years / 1 - 15
C. Men Veteran / 40 - 49 years / 1 - 15
D. Men Senior Veteran / 50 years & above / 1 - 15
E. Girls / 13 - 18 years / 1 - 5
F. Women Open / 19 - 39 years / 1 - 10
G. Women Veteran / 40 years & above / 1 - 10

All prize winners are required to produce their IC for identification purpose. Finishing medals for the first 600 finishers. Qualifying time for finishing medals is 1½ hrs (90 mins).

Entry fees
RM25.00 for categories B, C, D, F and G.
RM20.00 for categories A and E.

Race numbers and goodie bag collection
Numbers collection at the Polo Ground (Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz - along Jalan Brash)15th Oct and 16th Oct, 2004: 5.30pm - 7.30pm. Please bring along receipt to claim your race numbers and goodie bags.

Closing Date for entries
7th Oct 2004 (Friday)

Full race results will be published on the same day or by 24th Oct 2004 on the KRI website. Lucky draws will be conducted after the race; all finishers are eligible for the lucky draws. No drinks will be provided during the race. Food and refreshments will be provided after the race.

6:00am - 7:00am Participants Check in
7:30am Race Starts
8:10am First Runner To Finish
9:00am Light Breakfast And Refreshment
10:00am Lucky Draw
11:30am Prize Presentation
12:00pm The End

Print out and fill in the Entry Form, fax it to us at 605-2537013 or you can post it together with your payment at the below address:
9A, Jalan Che Tak, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, West Malaysia.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Take 5!

After a month rest & recover my left leg.. can not tahan anymore my body feel weak. Balik rumah pun rasa mandom.. Bebudak buat silap sikit.. pang! kena se-das.. huh! ganas betul. I should get my smiling back & be happy father to them. Last 2 days & yesterday... managed to do slow jog around Plant for 30mins, wouldn't to do more than that coz my left leg still aching.. nanti langsung tak boleh lari.

Yesterday after 30mins running in evening, brought a family for a dinner to Nasi Kandar down town and spend more than an hour there having a happy hour meals.. i'm so lapar gila. my wife & i have a tosai & puri... Alauddin (4years) takes two pieces of roti canai! never see he ate so much... Jasmin.. she just playing around the table... Finish dinner, blah balik rumah.

Just before reach rumah, Alauddin muntah in front of the car seat! Arghh! you know la how it smell... so with a smile & happy just get sabun + kain buruk.. basuh car seat, dashboard and gear... and spray a perfume inside car.

Need to do training and preparation body and mind for Rakan Muda Fitness end of this month, early next month.. KOTR and Cafe21 end of September.

Thinking back.. sitting in a office for a long day.. slot-in late, slot-out early, close a home door, open office door, close office door, open home door.. every day. We're living in stress! Get yourself into any outdoor activities or sports such as tennis, bowling, fishing, running, cycling, swimming or be a triathelete if you need to.. you'll get more benefit.. less stress, good health and the important one is... you will get more and more happy days not hours through out years.

Monday, 9 August 2004

Cafe21 Half and Quarter Marathon

Got information from Ronnie. Called the organizer to get the details and entry form. Surprising, medals will be given for first 300 runners those who completed the race. Wow!. So sapa yang keciwa after Ipoh International Run 2004 disaster (damn! haven’t receive the medal for Ipoh Run) can take revenge here in Kangar. Cash prize also not bad.

September, huh! Full of race events especially in KL. Already registered for Adidas KOTR and waiting for PJ Half form. End of this month (29 August) will be run for Rakan Muda Fitness Run in Kg. Seronok, Penang. It’s a fun-run and for me it’s a test track for KOTR, PJ Half and Café21.

After IIR2004 & Jogathon KCS, I had to rest for a month to recover my left leg. Until today it not fully recover. Wonder why? hah! Usually its takes around 1-2 weeks only. Today.. can’t tahan any more, need to start training and I bring my running gears to office and do some 2-3km around Plant Buildings before going back home.

Run title: Cafe21 - Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand Half Marathon
Date: 26/09/2004
Venue: Khoon Aik Primary School, Kangar
Entry Fee: Half/Quarter Marathon, RM20 per person
Closing Date: 09/09/2004
Purpose: To promote health-conscious activities in conjunction with the cultural festival

- Winner will also receive medal (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
- First 300 to complete the race will be award a medal each
- All participants will receive a T-Shirt and free gift.
- Participants successfully completed the race will receive a testimonial

Details event and entry form can be downloading from Event Form 2004 section in right frame here.

Monday, 2 August 2004

Rakan Muda Fitness Run 2004

Yesss! another running event in Penang!. Canteek..
Date: 29 August 2004
Venue: Kampung Seronok, Penang
Distance: 7.3

The Star 31 July 2004
FUN run enthusiasts can look forward to riding home a Honda motorcycle besides building up their stamina at the Rakan Muda Fitness Run 2004 next month. Organised by the Penang Youth and Sports Department, the 7.3km run will be flagged off at 7am on Aug 29 at Kampung Seronok in Bayan Lepas. State executive councillor Syed Ameruddin Syed Ahmad, who is also Bayan Lepas assemblyman, said the event was first launched six years ago at the Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa) in Relau. He said about 1,300 participants, including tourists from Australia, South Korea and Japan, took part in the event last year.

Registration is RM10 for adults and RM7 for students. They will receive a T-shirt each. The first 10 to complete the run will be awarded medals and those who finish within 90 minutes will be given certificates of participation and entitled to a lucky draw with a Honda EX5 motorcycle worth RM4,000 as the grand prize. Entry forms can be obtained at the department's Youth and Sports Complex in Batu Uban or its offices in Seberang Perai. Closing date for registration is Aug 15. The run is open to those aged 10 years and above. For details, call 0124742021 or 0194484475.