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Monday, 29 May 2006

Round the House Relay

Official result for Annual Round the House Relay 2006

Sunday, 28 May 2006

July.. run events

Larian 10k Utusan Bangi
Date/Time: 30 Julai 2006. 7:30am
Venue: Padang Kompleks Sri Utusan, Bangi, Selangor
Medal: 1-30 for each category
Tel: 012-2846811 (Rosli) / 019-3522046 (Din)
Form, available at Forms and Events section
..from Zulazlan

Seremban Half Marathon
Date: 16 July 2006. 6:45am
Venue: N.S Padang, Seremban
Download form at
..from pm1

KWYP Penang Hill Climb
Date: 23 July 2006
Start: Taman Perbandaran MPPP (Youth Park)
End: Penang Hill (Indian Temple)
Tel: 04-2612312 04-2623333
Form, available at Forms and Events section
..from twy

Klang 10K Run
Date: 23 Jul 2006
Venue: Klang.
Tel: 0333716044 ext. 2512 for forms.
..from pm1

None.. will go

Saturday, 27 May 2006

The Buff® Skyrunner® World Series

The Buff® Skyrunner® World Series kicks off Sunday, May the 7th . The first race of the Series is a new race in the El ChicoNational Park in Hidalgo, Mexico.

These are the eight races in the 2006 Buff® Skyrunner® World Series:

07 May 2006 - Hidalgo, Mexico
28 May 2006 - Zegama-Aizkorri, Spain
11 Jun 2006 - Valmalenco-Valposchiavo, Switzerland
25 Jun 2006 - OSJ Ontake SkyRace, Japan
23 Jul 2006 - Dolomites SkyRace, Italy
03 Sep 2006 - SkyRace Andorra, Andorra
17 Sep 2006 - Sentiero delle Grigne, Italy
30 Sep/01 Oct 2006 - Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon, Malaysia

2,600 metres of vertical climb attend the participants of this 25 km long race through valleys, along rocks, by rivers and lakes.

08 May 2006 - First 2006 World Series race

Favourite Ricardo Mejia was the star of the show in the first Buff® Skyrunner® World Series race of the season in Hidalgo, Mexico, Sunday, May 7. Mejia established a 6’ lead from the start which he retained to the finish, closing in 2h10’28”. Fellow Mexican, Miguel Leon was second in 2h16’11”, followed by Canadian World Mountain Running Champion, Jason Loutitt, 2h16’27”. Italian Fulvio Dapit, third in the 2005 World Series, was in fourth place.

The 25 km race was more demanding than anticipated under the mid-day Mexican sun, with many runners summitting the 3,050m pass around noon. The altitude took its toll too, favouring the more acclimatized Mexicans, another factor that made this new World Series race a difficult challenge.

Monica Ardid from Catalonia, the 2005 Spanish Mountain Running Champion, was first to finish in 2h50’45, followed by Marta Vidal, Euskadi (Basque Country), in 2h54’14”, and Mexican, Xochtl Recilla de la Cruz, 3h01’33”. Italian Daniela Vassalli was fourth.

Excitement is already growing for the second event on May 28 in Zegama, Basque Country, Spain where the world’s top skyrunners will battle for leadership in the 8-race World Series with last year’s champion, Briton Rob Jebb defending his title with the rest of the Saab-Salomon Team; Catalan, Agustí Roc; Italians Bruno Brunod and Jean Pellissier; Ricardo Mejia looking for the top slot and 2005 World Champion Corinne Favre.

Champion: Ricardo Mejia Hernandez - Mexico

3rd: Jason Loutitt - Canada

2nd: Marta Vidal


22 May 2006 - Exciting line-up for the second World Series race

The race is certainly one of the most exciting races in the Series for the number of top athletes participating. In this second race, the first took place in Mexico May 7, the runners competing here will include those leading the ranking for the rest of the season: runners such as Briton, Rob Jebb, last year’s Buff® SkyRunner® World Series champion and also course winner last year, together with fellow team members Simon Booth and Nick Sharp; current Series’ leader, Mexican,Ricardo Mejía, winner of the first event; Italians Bruno Brunod, Fulvio Dapit, Jean Pellissier, Marco Rusconi, Fabio Bonfanti, Mario Poletti, Carlo Bellati… and the runners from Catalunya, Euskadi and Andorra.

In the women’s category, ranking leader, Catalan Mònica Ardid will confront the current 2005 Series’ champion, Corinne Favre from France; Italians, Emanuela Brizio and Daniela Vassalli; Catalans Anna Serra, Ester Hernàndez and Teresa Forn¸ British runners Angela Mudge and Sharon Taylor; Tanya Pacheco from Venezuela and Marta Vidal and Alicia Olazábal from Euskadi.

A mountain race over the classical marathon distance (42km) with a total elevation gain of 5,472m on the Aratz massif, the Sierra del Aizkorri and four of the highest peaks in the Basc country. A gruelling course along mountain paths and trails in a stunning natural setting. The start is at Zegama, 296m and, with a series of technical ascents and descents, reaches a maximum altitude of 1,551m. The men’s record stands at 3h54'44" and the women’s 5h03’57”.

2005 Photos

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

MP3 player.. kaput

Came to office/working-day by bike. Wake-up 1/2hour earlier than normal. 5:45am. Mandi. Subuh. Packing kids stuffs into car. Packed for myself - towel, office uniform, extra spender and hair cream. 6:30am - start pedalling. Slowly.

Weather - a bit cold. Passing bunch of kids waiting for school bus. Still dark. Careful, looking for any potholes. Roads, not too busy yet. Still early. Got two lanes both sides. For cars and motorcycles.

The distance between home to office is 11km. Took me half an hour. Target to reach office before 7am. Enough for me to get re-fresh again. Mandi, changed, slot-in, hide my bike inside store and had a breakfast.

07:45am - Potong kayu api
10:00am - 20mins Tea break. Skip. Read newspaper.
10:20am - Potong kayu api
01:00pm - Pulun lunch
03:00pm - 15mins tea break. Pulun for carbo-loading
05:00pm - Cabut. Usually 5:15pm baru boleh cabut.

To Sport Complex. Get changed.
5:30/25pm - Pedal another 11km back home.

That's my new routine. 22km bike daily.
Save fuel consumption, clock-in earlier, more bike/bike-run.

Actually i dislike the idea of "Restrict the Brand X Motorcycle Park Inside". Already bought 2 motocycles from company. For my ayah and brother, using staff loan - still hutang. The idea.. really menyusahkan, mostly orang bawah such as operators, trainee, contract staff likes cleaners, gardeners, securities. Not everybody afford to buy new motorcycle - buka buku 555 baru.

Why i said menyusahkan..
The distance from entrance Post Guard to Main office is about <2km. So pepagi buta ramai brand X owners walking. If lucky, somebody will stop. Pick them up.
- Won't comment more..

Bike: Home to/back Office. 22km
Run: 5km
First time, did a bike-run. Try to do that before... but never make it. Bontot sakit. Peha kebas. Lutut lembik. Serupa macam syok naik kereta laaa.., dapat duduk, kena aircond.. mana best tukaq naik motor.

Once step-down from bike and start running... arrrgghhh!!! berat kaki. kebas.. etc
Wish i could turn back and kerabat balik naik gerek.

Hati mau buat 10km... but mind said...
"Let's do 5km first for starting.."
- I did. Run non-stop.
- Puashati.

Bike: Home to/back office. With same routine as on Monday. 22km
It's a bike day today. Add another 20km. Office - Gurun - SMK Gurun - Perwaja - Bedong - Sg Lalang - Bandar Laguna Merbok - Eastern by-pass - Semeling - AIMST and home.
- Bike: 42km

Bike: Home to/back office.
Run: 9km. Trail route. Tye Eng. Did training PR.
After bike. Transition (drop beg, helmet and drink abit). Calm down - 9km. Run slow for 1-2km. Then ran on comfortable pace. No speed run. Terkezut aku.. i slashed 1 mins from training PR. Thanks.. bike.

Bike: Home to Office only. 11km.
Return... Cikgu mai ambik aku. Had to stay back at office until 11pm. Upgrade server system.

Rest day. Visited Alex. He undergo an operation yesterday. Plan to visit him last night.

SP Bikers also rehat. No ride.
Kids + cikgu pi sekolah.. Alone. 8am, ambik gerek. Kayuh. Pusing Gunung Jerai. Home - Merbok - Yan - Guar Chempedak - Gurun and Bedong.

A bit improve on my cycling. Did 60km in less than 2hour. No pit-stop for 100Plus. Just depend on my drinking bottle.

Then continue with 5km run to AIMST and U-turn.

It was 10am. Matahari terik. Empty 2 bottles before run. Half-way. Was exhausted. Kering tekak. Just keep-on running non-stop. Sometimes melelong. Panas. Terik.

Sampai rumah - lega.

Monday, 22 May 2006

Terengganu Beach Extreme Challenge

A run+bike event for 4days in row. More detail..

The Menu.
6th June 2006 (Tuesday)

7th June 2006 (Wednesday)
-5KM run : Pantai Telok Mak Nik, Kemaman
-85KM cycle : TIC Geliga - Pentas Budaya Dungun

8th June 2006 (Thursday)
-6KM run : Pantai Telok Gadung, Dungun
-60KM cycle : Pentas Budaya Dungun - Marang

9th June 2006 (Friday)
-7KM run : Dataran Kuala Besut
-50KM cycle : Besut - Setiu

10th June 2006 (Friday)
-3KM run : Pantai Chendering
-35KM cycle : Masjid Terapung - Batu Burok

..from Azwar

Duh! That week already apply for a long leave and booked. Going somewhere with family. If i know earlier... will postpone this family trip for second time (Sure kena karate if postpone again). Wish i could kampoi this one too. Pap! pap! paaaaap!

Meleleh ayeq liuq.. tengok last year photos. - Tarak rezeki.

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Ipoh Starwalk 2006

Date: 9 July 2006 / 7am
Venue: Dataran Ipoh, Perak.
Organizer: Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad

Download form at Forms and Event section

Monday, 15 May 2006

New Chatbox

my ShoutMix is down. The domain need to be renewal. Hope it up again. Temporary, registered and configure the chatbox from

Been inform that Cendana Hikathon 2006 schedule on 25 Jun was postpone to 23 July. A week before Int. Penang Bridge Run (IPBR). It is trail and hiking event. Could easily being injured or probably you will miss the IPBR for a third year. Emmm.. dare to take part?

- Better postpone again after IPBR.

Last week,
Cikgu went/outstation for a course for whole week. Yaap! Had no choice, jadi nanny for a week. After office hour, rush/pick-up them. Buy dinner. Their favourite – Nasi Lemak. Send Alauddin to mengaji. Doing laundry. Check his home-work. Jerit sana. Jerit sini. By 11pm, i'm flat - Less training.

But on Wednesday, can’t tahan already.
5:15pm. Park my car at Gurun Toll. Change to running tight and speed-up to Petronas Fertilizer for 35mins.

Friday. Wesak. Public holiday.
Bike with Rize. Only 2 of us. From Semeling Jetty, Bandar Laguna Merbok, Kuala Ketil, Jeniang, Batu 10, Gurun and Bedong. 90km. The longest ride for me. Arrgghh.. lembik lutut. Sakit bontot. 2 pit-stops. Fill-up with can of 100Plus and Teh-O limau

A day before, Riza called for group ride again to Batu 5, Sik. >120km. – Tarik diri. Still sakit bontot.
I’m doing brick alone.
Run – 10km. To Tmn Sinar Mentari.
Bike – 50km. To Tanjung Dawai.

Already 3 weeks, came to office by bike. Thanks to new announcement effective since 2nd May.
"Brand X motorcycle - Park outside!"
Turn it to positive.. I'm doing brick everyday!

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Cyfora 2006

Road cycling for amateur and recreational riders.

There will be 4 chapters for this year:
1) Melaka Chapter : 26 February 2006
2) Selangor Chapter : 2 April 2006
3) Perak Chapter : 18 June 2006
4) keGENTINGan : 20 August 2006

019-2690816 (Amron)
019-2460902 (Adili)

Or send mail:
No. 2-24, Jalan PM 9
Plaza Mahkota
75000, Melaka

Wish i could know earlier.. for Perak Chapter.
..not ready yet.

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

TV3: Explorace. Season 2. Route-2.

Wanna watch one of TV3:Explorace episodes before been air on TV

Hit this

Hope his team succeed to final and win.

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Report: Alor Star Mini Marathon

I'm tired, exhausted, thirsty, dehydrated.. and they gave SunQuick - "TQVM!"

As stated in registration from. The race start at 7:30. But 7:30 thay start warming-up, aerobic dance... bla.. blaaa.. blaaaah. Nearly 8am.. baru start. Matahari sudah naik tinggi. 21km not start yet!.

There were two 21km categories. Men and Women open.

Running route, Jalan Pantai Johor... passing nice scenery of paddy field, then Mahkamah, Ampang Jajar, Masjid Aman, Lebuhraya Sultan Abdul Halim then inside Alor Star town, Pekan Rabu, Stadium and end at Wisma Darulaman.

@5km. 1st water-station. They served SunQuick.
Skip.. Hoping for a plain water for next w/station

<@10km - was running smooth. Racing with 3-4 young army. Potong, dipotong, potong, dipotong again and goes on. Until reaching 2nd water-station. Left geng army behind. Pick-up water cup. Sip on run. Hah!! SunQuick lagi.. manis nak mampus!!.. melekat ditekak. "Plain water ada ka?!"
"Tak dak!"
"Sh*t.. "
dalam hati..

Terus buang. For me.. sweet drink not help on the run. Running with gula melekat ditekak.. Terseksa!! Plain water laa.. or air paip pon tak pa...

Looking at my stopwatch... 45.45 - Aiiyooh! cepatnyer. I could do 1:40.

Matahari tinggi. Panas. Keta, lori, moto, bas, gerek racing pon dah penuh kat jalan. Polis dok sibuk jaga trafik bagi laluan untuk runners. Passing junction, I gave TQ sign for them for a long queue. I know dalam hati depa.. sure maki seranah.

15km. 10meter to reach 3nd water station..
"Plain water ada ka?!" - jerit!
"Tak dak!"
"!@$%$%/>%^&*(+("/>@(&^" - maki seranah/berjela.. inside laa.

Skip again..
Timing was 25.07 (1:11.53) from 10km mark. 3 Pompuan Open sudah potong aku. Devamani, Siam and another indian. My pace.. drop. Really need plain water. Keep searching any water taps around. Wish.. i bring cash to buy mineral water. Mata hitam pun sudah naik atas.

For me.. running 10km without drinking water, it's OK. But 12-13km... need it badly. Couldn't focus on the run. Cari paip air. Really dehydrated.. Run slow gila. Ada sorang mamat army tu.. aku left him very far behind.. sampai aku pon tak nampak - Dah potong aku.

Stopwatch.. 1:30. A sign-board shown "Bandar Alor Star 4km"
Hah! Wisma Darulaman.. sure lagi 1km from Bandar Alor Star (4+1km). Base on my timing @1:30.. only 2-3km more to finish line. Habis! No top 20 lagi dah..

Reach 4th w/station @ Bangunan JKR - Tutuh berkandaq ayeq SunQuick. 4-5 cups. Burrrr!! Kenyang.. and walk!! 1:45. Patut habis dah. And i know the road very well... lagi 2-3 km lagi baru sampai.

Run-Walk-walk-walk-run-walk... Was thinking.. This my worst 21km timing. Sure > 2hour. Pasing Stadium Darulaman, Bomba, Jln Sultanah and Menteri.. then slow jog until finish line. 1:59.18. Teroookkk.

Terkezut aku... the marshall gave a position card. - Still top 20 hahahaaaaa.. lawaknyer! - alhamduliah.

1. I really hate if government organized a run event for first time. Be extra pre-caution. Be prepare/equip yourself with drinking water, carry some cash and hoping for fun run only.. no PR please.

2. Very late flag-off time. Bagi aku takpa... but what about other runners behind. I mean... >2-3 hours finishers. 21km category MUST flag-off.. paling last at 7am. 6:30am - Cantek.

3. This Alor Star Mini Marathon... more on entertainment event. Sing songs, dancing, bands, karaoke and etc..

4. Collaborate with Persatuan Olahraga Amatur Kedah Utara... but i think this politician org.. They not runners and understand runners needs. My suggestion.. better collaborate with running club such as Alor Star Jogging Club (ASJC) or Jitra running club. Ask for advise.

5. The distance... please.. kasi ngam 21km. Plus-minus 500m - it's OK.

6. Alor Star Mini Marathon?! Should be Alor Star Half Marathon.

7. Thumb-up to police-men - taking care of traffic.

@Wisma Darul Aman early morning

Registration booths, X-Pax and SunQuick

Starting line

Starting line

Finish line

Finish line

Long waiting.. for VIPs finisher of 21km

Watching the sexy dancers Action lebih.. then something wrong with the CD - ahaks!

Me and Nordin >40yrs... He finished in 6th in 10km/36mins! - OMG!

My lucky medal

Men Open 21km Result
Women Open 21km Result

Monday, 8 May 2006

Cendana Hikathon 2006

Date: 25 June 2006 / 8:00am
Venue: Taman Perbandaran, Pulau Pinang.
Register before: 28 May
Tel: 012-4292741 / 019-4198929.

Been informed by Mr. Sin.
Trophy - Top 3.
Medal - 20% of registration. If 100 sign-up = 20pcs of medal.
No cash.

Detail and Form.. Download kat tempat biasa.
Going? Jom laa weey...

Gerek: Pantai Murni

Sunday, a day after Alor Star Mini Marathon... merangkak turun katil.. pi kayuh gerek plak..
Destination: Pantai Murni, Yan.
Distance: 62km.
Group ride. Meet-up 2 new faces.

Meeting Point. Jetty Semeling.

Muara Merbok.. early morning at 7:30am

@ T-Junction to Yan/Tg Dawai. Brahim, Fauzi and new guy with MTB.

Tan with yellow t'shirt. Another new guy. Head to Bukit 3 beradik. Got 3 hills in-front. The last one.... menitik ayeq liuq.

Last two. Fauzi and Riza.

Brahim and abg ex-army

On 2nd bukit. 3rd bukit is waiting..

At Pantai Murni. Raining abit

Front/left.. Fauzi, Riza, Abg Army, Me and
Behind/left.. Tan and Brahim.