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Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Weekly mileage

Mon 22/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 7am. 50.36
Tue 23/8 - Rest
Wed 24/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 9:15pm. 25.26+22.53 = 48.19
Thu 25/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 9:20pm. 26.24+23.09 = 49.34
Fri 26/8 - Rest
Sat 27/8 - Larian Merdeka, Serdang. <10km. 42.28
Sun 28/8 - Home to TSI. 10km @ 9:20pm. 25.11+22.27 = 47.38*
* Training PB
Total mileage = +- 50km

Tonight, mencuba nasib again for Larian Merdeka at UUM, Sintok. I know there will be alot of Siam runners and no chance for top 10 or medal.

I just love running at night and want to celebrate Merdeka with kids out side of the house. Like previous year.. was glued on the TV. Hopefully there will be a fireworks at Alor Setar and we back home late night - Yeah!

Thursday - Buat kenduri kesyukuran sikit kat rumah
Friday - To Taiping
Saturday - Check for route with Zul
Sunday - Bukit Larut Off-Trail 2005

Decide to perah cukup2 at Bukit Larut although the registration fee too expensive RM30, no t'shirt, no finisher medal and i never train for off-road. It's a revenge for not going to PJ Half and PutraJaya... and Powerman.


Report Larian Merdeka, Serdang

...Terooook / Bad Organizer

1. Distributed bib # at 8am before run. Should be a day before.

2. Flag off for Open category at 8.45am
- Too late.

3. Everybody waiting for VIP for flag off
- he came late... hebat dia

4. Medal ciput
- Kedekut. Pesta boleh buat 2hari 2mlm

5. 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners need come back again on Sunday night for prize ceremony

6. What 1st winner for boy school children category got? ..soap x 3, a tower (RM10 = 3 pcs punya quality), a box pencils chicken brand..
- hah! no medal no trophy? Pekena bebudak. Najib said his champion cried when reach home at 1am after prize ceremony.

7. At finish line... after top 10 finishers.. nobody is waiting for you.

8. No certificate

9. At each of 6 checkpoints… ya! Six! = A rubber band tight with a piece of manila card were given …and at finish line.. left only rubber bands. Cards were wetted and dropped

10. Organized by government! - Beware if they doing for the first time. Sudah kena banyak kali dah..

Luckily the route was nice and shady thru Serdang villages. Passing fruit farm, kampung2, pom-pom by villagers and a bit off- road. – Lucky!. That the only good thing about Larian Merdeka at Serdang, Kedah

I'm not running on full throttle and finished <10km in 42.28 - Not consider as new PB

Enjoy the pics..

Registration and bib# collection

Warm-up?! No need lah! Already panas in-out side. Matahari terpacak atas kepala

Flag-off for school girls category

Flag-off for school boys category

Flag-off for women category

Flag-off for Veteran

Open category... flag-off on 8.45am! Usually it's time to cross finish line

A few meter to finish line

End of nightmare run event

1st winner of boy category - Najib Jr.

Monday, 29 August 2005

Larian Merdeka 2005

Date: 11 Sept 2005
Organizer: Malaysian Bengalee Association
Distance: 7km and 5km
Venue: Padang MPS, Seremban, N. Sembilan
Click here for registration form.

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Larian Ambang Merdeka

Venue: Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah
Date: 30 Aug 2005
Time: 8:15pm.. PM or malam or 2015H
Distance: 10km (around UUM campus)
Norizan Md Isa 012- 4892996
Hafifi Azizan 019-3735782

Me!.. semustinya pi. Click here for detail ..and form

..from Najib

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Larian Merdeka

Just received a fax from Najib. An event on this coming Saturday at Serdang, Kedah.
Interested?.. download the form or contact the organizer.
- I will be there. Near to my kampung.

Larian Merdeka Sempena Hari Kebangsaan Tahun 2005
Organizer: MCA Taman Serdang, Rukun Tetangga & Pejabat Adun
Date: 27 Ogos
Distance: 10, 8 and 5km
Contact: Tan Joo Wah (0134394105), Mohd Noor Darus (04-4076992)
Venue: Tapak Pasar Malam, Serdang, Kedah
Medals: 1st - Gold, 2nd - Silver, 3rd - Bronze and 4-10 stainless steel medals

Detail.. here

..from Najib

Report Larian Mini Maraton HPPNK

Accidentally I registered/run this run event. I had no plan but suddenly one of branches office needs my support urgently. Just put/plan my visit date and realized that there will be a run event on Saturday in front of my company panel hotel - Oh! canteeek...

Reporting booths

Starting line early morning

Reporting booth in front of Quality Hotel, which i stayed

For 10km distance, less than 100 runners registered. Usually a 10km event with cash prize, normally it will be overwhelming. YuFang and Ramakrishan also here.. - Kacang putih to them

Dataran Shah Alam

Dataran Shah Alam

Family pic with anak buah

With kids

Chen was counting number of elite runners to know his chance for medal.. and i asked him to exclude my name from his list. Just want to have fun and experience running route in for Shah Alam 10km on next month Sept 25th.

Warm-up Mr. Chen, he got 11th


After flag off, Chen already gone. I don't know whether I’m too slow or he run on normal pace... For first 3km i ran in crowded/group. After that, push a bit - hate it seeing same faces in the group.

Backstabber... - Pundek ko! how your ugly face flash on my mind.. next!
Office building - Ceh! after this.. work, work and worrrk and driving home
Ehhh! two girls were watching me - Speed abit and control. :)
Marshal - Thought to ask my running position... haaah no use. Stopwatch also.. don't want to see.
Mark next rival - Huh! too far 100-150meter
Weather - Good! Could see a dark clouds sign to rain but not with slow/cold blowing wind.
??.. alone and free

Then at roundabout 2km to finish line, an old (60-50yr) indian man in 7km category overtook me! - Wake-up Haris!
The real running pace start...
He left me about 80 meter.
Press my turbo - until tercungap-cungap for air
Ayeq idung meleleh - Jangan cerita laa..
Cough a few times for water re-fill.
Able to chase him But finally.. gave him a chance laa.. to feel pride for potong young runner - Betoi kaa..

- Chasing the indian old man (red vest). He overtook and tailed him from 8km.. damn fast! but he was 7km category. - Saja.. cari motivasi

A few meter to finish line. Called Alauddin, to run with me..

Errkk water? Yiippiee!! i got 15th and renew PB

At finish line..
..Huh haih huh haaihhh
"Nama apa?"
..Huh haih huh haaihhh
"Abdul..." Huh haih huh haaihhh
..Huh haih huh haaihhh "Haris"
- Got a coupon indicated Category C - 15th
My stopwatch showed 45.57.90 - a 10km Personal Best. 30sec faster than Lumut Dualthlon.

Behind the finish line

Budak milo.

The Finish Line

Running to finish line.


The Finish Line


Oh.. taik ko, backstabber!
My name is back in promotion list. – Ha haaah.. I got the evidence here.. loser!.

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Short News

Der pacemakers Network send me (PM13) & Chen (PM8) for Larian Mini Marathon S.Alam. Both of us finished top 20 and i accidentally ter'broke my 10km PB - hah! so shock!!! and syiok!!

Or the route is fooling me?.. what a fulfilled trip. Came here for outstation works, a run event at company panel hotel and (school holiday) brought kids & wife to watch Malaysian Idols show. - Excuse me.. i'm not going. I would rather sitting listen to Jazz CDs in car or Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra... but hiayahh it is next week.

After 10km run - cabut pi next branch office.

Going/drive back to Bedong - to night.

Run report and pics in 3 days.

Thursday, 18 August 2005


Outstation tomorrow at K.Lumpur @ Jalan Ipoh.

I know, there are alot of run events at KL. Almost every week. This weekend got 2 events Batu Caves Tanggathon and Larian Mini Marathon (LMM) HPPKN, Shah Alam.

But no news for Batu Caves Tanggathon so decide to participate LMM. Near to my bro in-law house.

Medal on 20pcs - emmm.. easy run lah and other reason, want to release stress and forget..

Somebody stab on my back with parang - Aduihhh
First day, i credit/praise this asshole thru email to his boss.
Next day, after 5 years of services my promotion was withdraw by this asshole.

Rezeki ditangan tuhan.

Monday, 15 August 2005

Larian Jambatan Sultan Mahmud

International Sultan Mahmud Bridge Run 2005 schedule to be held on 18 Sept, was cancel.

From: En. Rosli Latif
Kementerian Pelancongan Terengganu
Tel: 09-6231957 ext. 3306

Guys.. Go! serbu for PJ Half or PutraJaya Half Marathon.

The 6th Larian Muhibah

Date: 2 Oct 2005
Start: 7:30am
Venue: Maybank, Nibong Tebal. Seb. Prai Selatan, Penang
Organizer: NTCRC
Distance: 10.1km (Men) and 8.2km (Women)
Fee: RM10
Ong Eng Hua - 0124755027
Law Ah Leng - 045932554

Form and detail can be download (right click, Save Target As..) here

Confirm! Will be there. A hometown run event.
Last year, it clash with Adidas King of The Road.
Sadly this year there is no 21km.

..from Najib

Helsinki 2005: Radcliffe Wins At Last

So often the bridesmaid, Paula Radcliffe finally became the bride this afternoon when she won her first global championships title after a fascinating women’s marathon through the streets of Helsinki.

The 31 year-old Briton set a new world championships record of 2:20:57, more than five minutes outside her 2003 world record, to give Britain its first gold medal of these championships and its first ever marathon title in a global championships. It is also Britain’s first medal of any colour in this event at either a world championships or an Olympic Games.

Radcliffe has finished fourth, fifth, second and fourth in World championship distance finals, was fourth in the 2000 Olympic 10,000m final and famously dropped out of the Olympic marathon last summer when she was the overwhelming favourite.

But this afternoon, in conditions so different from the Athens heat last summer, she led from start to finish in true Paula Radcliffe style, slowly but surely wearing down her rivals over the 42km course before pulling away from Romania’s Constantina Tomescu and Kenya’s defending champion Catherine Ndereba in the second half of the race.

"It was hard out there but I enjoyed it quite a bit too," she said. "Last year I had a lot of problems but this season I just made sure I was healthy coming into Helsinki and just concentrated on what I wanted to do.

Ndereba ran a beautifully judged race to win the silver in 2:22:01 and lead her country to the World Marathon Cup title ahead of four-time winners Japan. Tomescu took the bronze after twice bravely trying to stay with Radcliffe and once even pushing on the pace herself.

But in the end the Briton’s front running was just too tough. Radcliffe decisive move came with more than 15km of the race still to run when only Tomescu and Ndereba were within touching distance.

Running in shades despite the grey, drizzly conditions, she adopted her customary position at the head of the pack as soon as the athletes moved out of Senate Square in the heart of Helsinki, headed through Market Square and down towards the harbour front.

There was little surprise about Radcliffe’s tactics. Front running is her way, the way she has won three London marathons and set two marathon world records over the last three years. Fatally, it was also her tactics in the Olympic final last year when she failed to finish so disastrously.

From the beginning it was clear this was going to be different. For a start the weather was perfect = no blistering heat here, but English-style rain and wet roads. Radcliffe must have trained in just such weather thousands of times.

After just five minutes she had opened a 20-metre gap on the majority of the field, leaving a splintered trail of runners behind her. Initially only Japan’s Yumiko Hara, the Nagoya winner, stayed with her, but slowly others moved close. Ethiopia’s Asha Gigi regained contact and these two took shelter behind the Briton as she led along Helsinki’s harbour front.

Ndereba was padding along at the front of the chasing pack of 12 some 25 metres behind, and gradually she led Ethiopia’s Derartu Tulu so often Radcliffe’s nemesis on the track in an attempt to close the gap.

Radcliffe led through 5km in 16:47, around 2:21 pace, with Gigi and Hara in close attendance. Ndereba, Tulu, Tomescu, China’s Chunxiu Zhou and three other Kenyans, Helen Kimutai, Beatrice Omwanza and Rita Sitenei Jeptoo, reduced the gap to about 10 metres after 9km.

After skirting the water front of Menkannonue, Radcliffe led them through 10km in 33:23. Her 10k split during her world record run in London in 2003 was 30:54, so here she seemed to be running well within herself. The chasing group now down to five was still three seconds adrift, while another Kenyan, former London and New York marathon winner Tegla Loroupe, was in a third group another 24 seconds back.

As the runners would through the park surrounding the Olympic stadium for the first time Radcliffe maintained her steady pace. After 14km Tomescu made an effort to join the group and soon Radcliffe had three on her tail.

Appearing to sense the danger she upped the tempo to take them through 15km in 49:54. Tomescu, looking stronger and stronger, moved alongside the Briton. She is known as a front runner but until winning last year’s Chicago marathon had tended to fade in the closing stages. Now she was actually forcing the pace. It was too much for Gigi, who dropped back to be caught by the Kenyans as Tomescu and Radcliffe ran stride for stride.

The Romanian broke her national record when finishing second to Radcliffe in this year’s London marathon but she’d never run at this pace before. Gradually it began to tell as Radcliffe wound up the pace again leading through 20km in 1:06:16. By now Ndereba had dragged Kimutai back to Tomescu as Radcliffe pushed on again to lead by 10 metres at the half way mark 1:09:50 her gradual increase in pace meaning she was now on course for a sub-2:20 time.

At this point the Kenyans still looked fresh while Tomescu appeared out of it. Incredibly, just five minutes later she recovered, striding back past the Kenyans and on to Radcliffe’s shoulder. For the Briton, being caught once is rare, being caught twice unthinkable. She’d put in her fastest efforts of the race and still the Romanian had clawed her way back.

Together again, they strode over the blue 25km mat in 1:22:48 with Ndereba now alone in third place. Further down the field the fast race was taking its toll with a gap of nearly three minutes to tenth place.

Suddenly, after just under 90 minutes of running, Radcliffe kicked again up a small incline. Tomescu, who had been checking her watch regularly as if late for an appointment, immediately fell behind. Surely she couldn’t come back a second time.

Radcliffe, now in familiar nodding style, had finally killed off her challengers. The gap to Kimutai in fourth was more than a minute as she passed 30k in 1:39:22, nearly three minutes outside her world record pace but 11 seconds ahead of Tomescu and 16 clear of Ndereba who caught the Romanian for the second time shortly afterwards.

Radcliffe was now in wholly familiar territory and, as the sun broke out for the first time in the day, drying the Helsinki cobbles, she slowly extended her lead. She was 28 seconds ahead of Ndereba at 35km and 45 ahead of Tomescu.

All of them were suffering though the last 5km had been the slowest at 16:53 and after two hours the strain began to show in Radcliffe’s face and neck. Perhaps that 10,000m final she ran a week ago was beginning to have an effect. Luckily, Ndereba was struggling too and all Radcliffe had to do was hold it together over the final section of the 10km loop and into the stadium.

She was slowing (the 5km to 40km was 17:06) but not enough to lose. Grimacing hard, she dug deep to climb the last small hill lined with crowds and sweep into the stadium. Only a smattering of fans had made their way there to greet her but many of them held British flags.

Twelve months ago she was left in tears beside the Marathon to Athens course, stricken by stomach problems and hampered by injury. This year she crossed the line in bright sunshine, a broad grin finally breaking out after 42km of incessant, grinding pace.

She finished just as Ndereba entered the stadium, stopping the clock at 2:20:57, a championships record by nearly three minutes and just over two minutes quicker than Emil Zatopek ran to win the marathon here at the 1952 Olympic Games. When Norway’s Grete Waitz won here at the inaugural world championships 22 years ago she was more than seven minutes slower.

"At the last water station someone said you’re 50 seconds up, just enjoy, it," said Radclifffe. "A big ‘kiitos’ to the Finnish crowd that supported me through the whole race."

Behind Ndereba, Tulu was closing fast on Tomescu making up nearly two miniutes in the last five kilometres to miss a medal by just 11 seconds. Radcliffe applauded them home before setting off on her long-awaited lap of honour, a world champion at last.


10th IAAF World Championships, Hesinki 2005 Women Marathon
Intermediate Times
5Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 16:47
10Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 33:23:00
15Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 49:53:00
20Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 1:06:16
21Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 1:09:49
25Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 1:22:47
30Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 1:39:22
35Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 1:56:14
40Km 281 Paula RADCLIFFE 2:13:22

10th IAAF World Championships, Hesinki 2005 Men Marathon
Intermediate Times
5Km 247 José RÍOS 15:19
10Km 246 Julio REY 30:22:00
15Km 554 Robert CHEBOROR 45:33:00
20Km 901 Getuli BAYO 1:00:59
21Km 629 Jaouad GHARIB 1:04:17
25Km 246 Julio REY 1:16:32
30Km 629 Jaouad GHARIB 1:31:45
35Km 629 Jaouad GHARIB 1:47:00
40Km 629 Jaouad GHARIB 2:02:57

Friday, 12 August 2005

Night run

Thursday 9:45pm
After Yassin for my mom and isya' solat, while rode back.. was looked up to the sky... wah! nice moon. alot of stars up there and weather abit cold.Then the gremlin said..
"Wanna run. Night 10k run?"
"Heeyy.. why not!"

Since my last Tanjong 10k run, i'm still under recovery. A bit pain on my left leg. Already 4 days not running. - Aku ketagih.

Did really slow+easy jog and enjoy the night scenery of Pekan Bedong thru my running.It was different experience. - Try it.

"Again.. tonight?"
"Ask gremlin!"

Home - Taman Sinar Mentari (10km)
27.56+25.26 = 53.22mins

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Report Alor Star Jogging Club Run

Don't know why Alor Star Jogging Club (ASJC) run had small number of participation even though the organizer had a lot of experience handling the run events. This year, it was a 22th ASJC run, old enough to make it famous and well-known run event.

Maybe lack of promotion. No banners around Alor Star town. No media announcement. The event was spread out from mouth to mouth. As a result only 150++ runners registered for 21km and probably 200++ school children registered for 10km and 5km. Also been informed that, there was another run event held on the same day somewhere in Alor Star.
- Ceh! dah la payah nak ada local event. Ada!.. Clash plak.

Same senario with Larian Bendang 2005 and Jogathon Hidup Tak Sihat. Should had one agency or association to control state sport event in-term of event quality, procedure, date, sponsorship and etc - Idea lah!

Though, this run was organized by-runners-for-runners with a 22 years old of experience, it should be a well-organized event. But.. still having loopholes, especially for necessity issues such as water-stations, drinking water, toilet and etc.

The A Team

The starting location was at middle Taman houses, in-front of ASJ Club house. There was no large space or field for parking. Had to park along the taman roads. Think, they should organize it at suitable places such public park or school field - Enough for necessity utilities... toilets, water taps, parking lot, bushes (incase long queue for toilet) - Idea lah!

Warm-up. Panasss... panaaasss

Thean Seng (blue suit) and Janggut (with janggut)

At 6:15am, seeking for parking.

The race flag-off 6:30am. Could feel a warm weather that morning. Was drinking a lot while driving to Bee Bee Park. Empty 1.5 liter of mineral water.


Wey! budak.. tepi! Orang nak lari ni..

3! Peeeekkk

Running route were flat and straight after getting out of Bee Bee Park houses. Cross Lebuhraya Tunku Abdul Halim and 10km head to Kuala Kedah jetty. Another 0.5km, need run across Kuala Kedah bridge. The only hilly road. Then U turn, ran back to Bee Bee Park using same route - Exactly 21km.

Flag-off for 10k

Flag-off for 5k

At 5km, I was exhausted, my throat getting dry, coughed a few times while running... I know.. it sign that I badly need water! Could not focus on my running, keep thinking of..
"Where is water station?"

At 9km, first water station.. 100Plus! - fuh! lega.
Drink 3 cups of it
"Woih! Don't drink too much lah!"
Said Thean Seng (SP Runners) as we ran together.

The good thing about U turn route, you could saw elite runners whose ran first, second and third position and so on. Thean Seng start counting number of runners in same category with us passing by. - We're still in top 20

0.5km to Kuala Kedah Bridge, passing a small kampung road. Then..
Tuuu diaaaaaa haihh... - Kuala Kedah Bridge! nearly 35degree hilly.
Change to low gear with fast steps. Able to continue run without walking.

U turn, Climb again. After ran down from hilly bridge. My first half of 10.5km was 51.55mins – my standard timing. Meet-up with other SP runners, BM leopard and Jitra friends during opposite run direction. Ran back using same route with Thean Seng.

At 13km, a few meter before reach second water-station, wrapped and suck a pack of powergel.
"Hah! where is water?"
"Habis! / finish!"
“Hah! Habis ka? / finished?”

- Thean Seng was drink the last cup of 100 Plus.
Arrrghh! - Powergel liquid was stuck in my throat.
Cilakak! With dry throat, sucking a sweet liquid powergel without water.. - Try it!
It was the first water station, which he move the station to other side of the road and set-up for second water station
- No wonder la.. Drinking water finish quickly.

Really disturb my running. I was thinking about other runners behind. The sunlight getting hotter, most of them were veteran and no water. Continue with slow run with my eyes kept scanning any water tap along the route. Thean Seng already increace his pace.
"You go first.. i need to find wattteeeeeer"

Telan air liur also not help. Luckily there was a mosque after 1km of running and quickly ran to water taps. - Srrruuupppp! srruuuuppp! srruuup! sedapnye (sound efect tuh)

Thean Seng left me, far away. Was run alone. Saw a runner in front. He was doing run-walk-run. We kept overtook with each other a few times. Overtook him, while he walking and overtook me with fast pace. Lastly i heard from my back..
He felt down by himself hah! not my fault... okay! Pity him.

Reached third water-station. a 100Plus and a cup of mineral water - Took it both.
Hope still got enough water for runners behind.

Weather getting hotter, i ran under trees shadow alone. Cross T junction, a road to Tun Dr. Mahathir kampung house. Maintain my pace. Cross last t junction at Lebuhraya Tunku Abdul Halim and Bee Bee Park only 1km ahead. Increace my pace. Left leg start giving a bit pain, because there was a runner in-front, same category.. i turbo abit and overtook him.

Get into Bee Bee Park, ran in housing area and stop my stopwatch.
My second half of 10.5km was 52.33mins and finished 21km in 1:44.28 with 13th position. - Satisfy! exactly 21km.


You guys.. want free drink ka?

Timing berapa? 1:42mins - Thean Seng

Behind finish line

Finish line

Finish line with Zooooom

Zamri from Jitra. Fast runner. Got fever since last 2 day and vomit up on the run

Yahya & Zamri family from Jitra - Dia ni sure army

BM Leopard. Wakil Alex

Weather getting dark and start raining. Jom balik!

Malaysian foods. Tosai, roti canai, telor separuh masak, capati and teh O limau