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Thursday, 30 December 2004

Report: Larian Pesta 2005

Larian Pesta 2005 run report can be read at PM1 blog

Padang Besar Half Marathon

Date: 27 Feb 2005
Venue: Padang Besar, Thailand
Distance: 21k, 10.5k & Fun run 4k
Tel: 01-8978571 or 09-6573613.

Please bring along your passport or border pass.

Nilai Half Marathon 2005

*Date : 27th February 2005 (Sunday)
Entry Fees : RM 10.00
Medals : 300 Finisher Medals for Men's Open
Entry form :

Contact person : Mr. Koong 019-661 2605.

* from PM1

Entry forms can be download at Events & Forms section

Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Report: Valdor Run 2004

Kaki pukul.. L-R: Chin (Bayan Baru), Chen, Me, Alex, Najib and errr.. sorry forgot yr name. Me.. mangsa pukul

Organized by Persatuan Bekas Pelajar Sekolah Valdor at Sungai Bakap. First time run at my kampung (Sg. Baong) on the same day also got Pesta Run in Penang. Cancel and request my good running friend Mr. Alex (meet him on Metro Run) to register for Valdor Run. This run offers more medals.

For 3 weeks consecutive, cancel my 10k races this month due to my right leg injuries. This one.. No excuses. Chen (PM8), from PaceMaker also joins the race. Zul from Taiping, could not make it. Leg injured. Najib.. On!.

Received SMS from Chen, he was unable to locate Jawi Inn. Could not reply cause I was in Bermuda Triangle no coverage on my Maxis. An hour later, he finally found. Meet him at Jawi Inn at 6pm and we went to Valdor Run location to look for 10k route map.

Saturday at Air Putih, JunJong

Sunday. Race day!
Wake-up at 5:20am, my father also want to join with us but not on the run. 6:30am pick-up kids (they still ZZzzz..) into car and off we go.. Reach Valdor Primary School (VPS) at 6:45, find Alex as he hold my bib#. Meet Najib and pick-up Chen bib#. Alex... hey! this bujang lapuk very talkative, pepagi buta we laugh and chat until 7:15am baru nak warm-up. Before run, meet Mr. Chin, my weblog visitor.

- Thanks for the Hi, so semangat to write more on my blog.

Walk to Starting point Walk to Starting point Every body.. get ready ya!

7:40 flag-off, could not locate Chen, Najib and others, maybe they all already in-front. Start with slow jog. My leg still giving the ache. Already 1 1/2 month so tired to mention in the blog.

10..9..8..7..6.. 5..4..3..2..1..

The route cover from Valdor Primary School to Sg. Bakap main road - Pekan Sg. Bakap - Pass Hospital Besar - Jalan (pasar malam) - Jalan Permatang Ara - Jalan Badak Mati (Long, long time ago got rhino.. mati atas jalan. Don't know what kind of rhino.. badak sumbu kaa.. badak ayeq or ayeq badak) - Jalan Kg. Lima Kongsi (Dulu ada 5 org kongsi gelap...) - and back to Valdor primary school.

Along the route.. nothing much to write.. just having fun and enjoy my own kampung scenery in the morning. Just maintain the pace... no speed workout, leg still giving a bit pain. Pass my old friend's house (Woit!! Balun.. tidoq lagi kaa...). Reach Jalan Badak Mati... road was free from cars... so quiet and morning breeze.. huh!

Chat with one apek.. looked like he also enjoy the run, siap pusing2 both tapak tangan macam org menari..

"Hi...*!&@*!@^#!%@#!!%%!@" (chinese language)
"Hah! haaahh... wah! laju lari.."
"Yah! u pun sama.."
"Umur berapa?"
"50 lebih dah..."
"Okay.. apek.. pergi dulu.."

In a minute.. he potong back!.. and left me!.. huh! laju juga orang tua ni..

Look at my Timex baru 40+ minutes.. but already saw VPS in-front.

"Ceh! less than 10k..".. Start turbo full throttle..

Then saw a signboard "<-- A,C,D,E,F,G".

B?.. marshall, show right sign.. arrgggkk! Thought already finished.. then another 2 1/2km... hiyah! minyak sudah habis loh!.. slow jog. 3-4 person potong, unable to
identify which category, cause bib# only given one. Most of runner pinned in-front.

Reach VPS, heard Alauddin shouted
"Mak! Ayah nak sampai dah..."

And my wife get ready with camera...

...and smile! Your're on Candid Camera!... yeah!. Looked at my last medal of the year. Paid off!.

Finally.. finish line.. TQ alauddin for a shout!
Aerk! tembikai.. bagi ayeq la.. ayah! Me and medal..
Future runner!

After the run, get together and chat with friends, Chen, Najib, Chin, Mr. Chin's friend.. forgot his name. Exchange next running event, training information, Merapu + kuning2 sket dgn Alex and also meet-up with new Malay runner, Lan from Taiping.. geng Zulkifli Jaini. Huh! from Taiping.. hey! he not came alone.. but with family and 4 kids.. Take off from Taiping at 6am. His wife was same school with my wife at secondary school.

Lan's family

Yeah! Sometime i treat run events as my family vacation, especially the major one or international run event. But.. sadly in Kedah, my wife's weekend is Friday and Saturday but for me.. Saturday and Sunday... aarrgghh!..

Alex after finish Najib, after finish Chen from KL, got christmas gift

Najib finished in 9th, Alex was runners-up for B category. Champion was a guy from Nepal... don't know who is it.. May be he was a sherpa last time. Chen.. finished in top 5.

Trophy and top 10 medals

Meals after the run... Wow! can say.. a bit less compare to 10k KRI Ipoh. A lots - lots of bananas, boiled eggs, fried mees, buns, kuih pau, watermelon (yellow and red type), drink waters, 100 plus ... no need to berebut.. it's more than enough.. and after un-lucky draw, gabuih a box of drinking water!.

Thumb-up for Valdor Run 2004.. for Meals, Medals, Medical, Memento and Merry Christmas for organizer

More Valdor Run report by Chen

p/s: While running, no earthquake experience. More than 40 people were killed and hundreds of houses and vehicles were destroyed in Penang, Kedah, Perlis and Perak by the tsunami disaster early this morning.

Monday, 27 December 2004

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 1/12

20 Dec04 - 26 Dec04

Right leg just recovered a few day ago but still not fully. Plan to do warm-up to get back the stamina for 2 weeks before follow the Marathon training program.

For my first marathon in KLIM05, target to finish without injuries and hoping to cross the finish line between 4.15 to 4.45 hours. My weekly training focus on timing, how long i could run + usually i train on different roads course and too lazy to mark road distance. Gurun.. no running track, no recreation park near-by, only roads which buzy with lorries and cars. Had no choice!.. put my running gears and take off...

My personal best pace was at KRI Ipoh. I did 10k in 49.18, My pace was 4.55 minutes per km. So.. along the training weeks, assume to run in 6 minutes pace. I use straight road where i need to U-turn to run back. Start/finish from office's Sport Complex to Gurun junction or Gurun tol. If more distance need.. then will run thru PLUS highway..

For long run on weekend, i prefer doing early in the morning. A day before, will mark the road distance and secretly put drinking water tepi jalan.

The Plan.
1. 20/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
2. 27/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
3. 03/01: Training program week 1,
4. 10/01: Training program week 2. Walk12H,
5. 17/01: Training program week 3,
6. 24/01: Training program week 4,
7. 31/01: Training program week 5,
8. 07/02: Training program week 6,
9. 14/02: Training program week 7,
10.21/02: Training program week 8,
11.28/02: Easy run/jog/rest 4km.
12.06/03: Race day

The Hard Part.
20/12: 04km - 12.46 / 13.06. Office to Gurun Junction.
21/12: 04km - 12.24 / 12.40. Office to Gurun Junction.
22/12: 06km - 18.03 / 18.30. Office to Gurun Junction.
23/12: 08km - 24.08 / 25.06. Office to Gurun Junction.
24/12: Balik kampung @ Sg. Bakap
25/12: Rest & check Valdor Run road map.
26/12: 10km - 54.02 at Larian Valdor.

Total: 32km

Thursday, 23 December 2004

News: 600 expected to join in 12-hour walk

ABOUT 600 participants are expected to join the second Penang International 12-Hour Walk to be held on Jan 15 and 16.

Jointly organised by the Penang Government, Race Walkers Association of Malaysia, Penang Veteran Athletes Association and state Youth and Sports department, the event aimed to promote walking as a sport and recreational activity.

State Youth and Sports Department deputy director Mohd Saleh Ramli said walkers had to make as many laps around the Esplanade, starting from 8pm on Jan 15 until 8am the next day.

The distance of each lap is 1,078m, covering Jalan Padang Kota Lama, Lebuh Light, Jalan Tun Syed Sheikh Barakbah, he told a recent press conference.

Mohd Saleh said the event, which would be open to both Malaysians and foreigners, would also help promote the state as a tourist destination.

About 300 walkers, in-cluding those from Australia, Mauritius, Thailand, Singapore and France, participated in the inaugural walk in 2002, he said, adding that all participants must be 18 years old and above.

The walk will be divided into the Men’s Open, Men’s Junior Veteran, Men's Senior Veteran, Women’s Open, Women's Junior Veteran and Women's Senior Veteran categories.

The top three winners of each category will take home RM500, RM300 and RM200 cash prizes respectively while the fourth to sixth prize winners will receive RM100 each, said Mohd Saleh.

He said certificates of participation would be given to walkers who completed at least 10km while medals would be presented to men who covered at least 24km and women who covered at least 18km.

Malaysia is the only South-East Asia country to hold such an event, he said, adding that the closing date for registration was Jan 2.

Registration forms can be obtained from Penang Veteran Athletes Association (04-2268477), state Youth and Sports department (04-2616118) and Youth and Sports Complex (04-6581369). - THE STAR ONLINE

Wednesday, 22 December 2004

The Star: Penang Relay news

Musuh ketat dari Penang

From TheStar, 21 December 2004 in Metro Section (north copy).

My team, SP Runners finished in Top10 of 10. Will try again next year.

"Failure is only postponed success as long as courage "coaches"
ambition. The habit of persistence is the habit of victory."
- Herbert Kaufman

Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Kaki ku..

Yesterday.. did i mention listen to your body.. ignore it!..

Then padan muka aku..

My right leg start cramp back, after easy run for 4km.
Aduiiih. Pray hard! Let me run laa.. slow pun ok, without pain. Pleaseeee

Today bring shoes to office.. for another 4km.. see how..

Monday, 20 December 2004

Road to KLIM05: The Plan

KLIM 05 only a few weeks only. Looking at calendar it's only 10 weeks more!! Mampos aku! For last 4 weeks I never did run train more than 10k. My right leg just fully recovers 2 days ago.

This time i really taking care my legs, listen to them, don't over-run, bring down your ego while running, follow the run program proper and plan your running distance.

Seem that KLIM on march 2005 will be my first marathon, i start looking training marathon schedule thru the net. And found that the minimum weeks to get prepare for first marathon 18 weeks or 4 1/2 months. Arggg!.. Mampos aku!

End of this week 29/12, 3/1, 10/1, 17/1, 24/1, 31/1, 7/2, 14/2, 21/2, 28/2 and 6/3 is race day. 10 weeks!. Gosh! Guess i should do a shortcut training.. i will follow the program until week 8. Meaning, week 9 is race day.

Another 10km, may be i will use crawl technique. 2 weeks before start the program, will build-up my stamina back. Slow / jogging run 4km - 8km for 2 weeks.

Check my running calendar, this month got another 2 10km road races and 1 jalan kaki gila b*bi.. 12Hour Walk in Penang middle of Jan 2005. After this no more road race until KLIM05.

20/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
27/12: Easy run/jog 4km - 8km. Race 10k,
03/01: Training program week 1,
10/01: Training program week 2. Walk12H,
17/01: Training program week 3,
24/01: Training program week 4,
31/01: Training program week 5,
07/02: Training program week 6,
14/02: Training program week 7,
21/02: Training program week 8,
28/02: Easy run/jog/rest 4km.
06/03: Race day

If i could do sub-4 in full, then you should consider my training program hahaa!..

Plan - 10km road races
These 2 10km, decided a must go events, cause organiser provide lot of medals. 1 for closing medal of the year another 1 is opening medal of the year. Both races will be run on easy pace. Finish less than a hours is good enough.

Some more it's local races, miss a lot of running friends since i cancelled 3 road races this month. Can't join them because leg ache.

Plan - 12Hour walk.
If i could draw back the registration fee, RM50!... Not a wise decision. Tamak betul aku! Anyway, rather than waste the RM50... hey! if anybody those reading this blog and interested to replace me... be my guess! Can use mine receipt. Or else will do a fun-walk like StarWalk. See how long i could walk.. but will stop immediately if leg start giving ache.

And lastly,

Nutrition. & Food
For 2 months will consume as normal but less oil meal and add some supplement vitamins such as Bio-C Plus, Calsium-Magnesium, Vitamin E and B Complex. Hopefully after run, they don't conduct urine test.. kantoi aku!

"Focus is the key to all results. Results require that you
concentrate your efforts on the smallest number of activities
that will produce the largest amount of productivity."
- Gary Ryan Blair {The Goals Guy}

Friday, 17 December 2004

2 International Run for 2005

Browsing thru the net, found 2 new Internatinal Run for year 2005. It just an info. For confirmation, will be inform later.

International Sultan Mahmud Bridge Run 2005
Venue: K.Terengganu
Org: Govt. T'ganu
Date: 18 Sep 2005

Larian Antarabangsa Jambatan Asean Miri 2005
Venue: Jambatan Asean, Miri
Date: 1st May 2005
Note: If you refer to web link, there is typo error on year. Should be 2005. Scroll down for correction.

So.. update your run calendar. May be can plan for vacation holiday.

Thursday, 16 December 2004

Road to KLIM05: The Dream

Yesterday received a KLIM05 registration receipt. I had confirm and definitely no doubt, whatever obstacles or how hard running in full marathon.. I wanna feel it, i wanna cross the finish line and i wanna be winner it in my heart.

I don't care how long it takes, i don't care how hard it is, i don't care what other people said, i'm only care when i'm the marathon finisher and with my own reason.. That will push me to the limit!

"Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is a beauty,
admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge,
meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play
it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome
it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare
it. Life is luck, make it. Life is life, fight for it!"
- Mother Teresa

Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Perasmian Surau

Sunday 12/12/2004
I miss my first Penang Starwalk. Already registered for both of us. Registered my name under competition category and my wife non-competition.

Plan A, we would like to have a fun-walk with family and kids as they always support me and cheer on me while running. So Starwalk, is a good event to walk for whole family and give a walk/run experience to my kids.

Plan B, If my kids meragam, don't want to walk or still sleepy in car, so i can turbo into Competition category. Jasmin pun sudah besar, can't bring stroller anymore like Starwalk in Ipoh.

But finally both plans can not use.. and change to Plan C..

On same day got an important commitment to my Taman community. Rather than put the StarWalk coupons into dustbin, call-up my brother if he want to replace me. Seem he is a teacher, still on school holiday mood and his wife also weekend on Saturday + Sunday, no kids yet and nothing to do on that Sunday so they accept it. After racun them.

"Got a lots of lucky draws and goodies.. you know!"

@Taman, Sunday
After 3 months, finally our own Surau is up and after Taman community meeting, we
decide to held Taman Terbuka for Aidilfitri and Perasmian Surau taman on 12/12/2004. As treasurer in my community.. a lots of works and preparation needs to do.

Bulan disember, sudah setahun saya duduk dirumah sendiri dalam taman ni.. jadi kena aktif sikit la.. kegiatan taman dan komunikasi dan harmoni dengan penduduk sekitar. Hampir 30 keluarga tinggal di Taman ni dan 80% lagi rumah kosong. 100% penduduk adalah beragama Islam dan menjadi masalahnya kita tiada Surau sebagai tempat sembahyang dan kegiatan ibadah.

Selepas berpuluh-puluh perbincangan dan akhtiar untuk mencari kewangan bagi pembinaan surau di Taman, terdapat seorang hamba allah yang sudi menaja dan menyumbangkan kos sepenuhnya bagi pembinaan Surau.

Beliau akan menyumbangkan sumbangan beliau mengikut prasa pembinaan, dimana kami dipertanggungjawap untuk memastikan pembinaan berjalan lancar. Bermula pada bulan Ogos hingga awal bulan Disember baru Surau Al-Najwa siap sepenuhnya.

Kenduri jamuan Taman terbuka dan perasmian Surau telah dibuat secara bergotong-royong bermula pada hari Jumaat. Antara jemputan khas, ADUN Tanjung Dawai, Kadi Daerah, Iman mesjid Bedong, Pegawai Daerah, Penghulu Taman, Syarikat pembinaan surau dan Penderma surau.

Kos pembinaan surau adalah sebanyak RM62 ribu dan alhamdulliah pembinaannya berjalan lancar dan mengambil masa selama 3 bulan sahaja untuk disiapkan.

Terima kasih, kepada tuan pengerusi taman, AJK2 yang terlibat, penduduk taman yang sporting dan Tuan penderma.. Semoga Allah merahmati rezeki and kehidupan kalian.


p/s: Subuh... tak boleh mengular dah...

Thursday, 9 December 2004

Slowly recover..

Almost 3 days.. my right leg slowly recover but still give me pain when i try to run. Able to do slow jog around my Taman house with kids and my wife for 15mins - 20mins.

Hey! my wife start to do jogging!.. a good sign! to be a runner..
After she, herself complain about her weight.. sudah extra sana.. extra sini.. and of course la.. i add some more complains to "perangat".

Just know receive a call from Alauddin, asking me to go home early and jog with him. Usually i run/train at office - Gurun route before going back home. So today, seem 85% still on recover.. better jog at Taman and hava a nice evening with them.


p/s: My Nikon 3200 also under recover! - Bad camera!