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Monday, 28 February 2005

Short news.

Re-new 21km Personal Best: 1:46.42 (53.40 / 53.02)
Position Number: 10th
My second time climb-up to podium!

Full story/report will be available in 1-2 days

Friday, 25 February 2005

Padang Besar.. Thailand!

Damn! really busy week. All of those were stress. Ride a motobike stress.. drive a car.. stress.. get in to office.. lagi la. Still thinking..

"Where do you want to go run today?".

Running to Gurun.. naaah!, running.. to Semeling.. naah!, running to back to Bedong naahh!..

i need new route, new track, new PR.

Next week, one big batu coming. Kena jadi Project Manager for one of projects valued hundred thousands over. Hopefully my boss not Donald Trump and said "You're fired!"
Ya..yaaaa..yaap.. will kick..-off after KLIM..

So lega.. my wife already came back from P.Langkawi. Alauddin, start making weird things when his mom around.. naik lemak, teasing Jasmin, make both of us naik angin.. Last night, he sip a perfume!. Luckily he is OK today.

Tomorrow, Padang Besar on the way!. So excited can cross border, like crossing finish line. We will go by van with Alex & geng harimau bintang (Bukit Mertajam Leopard). Paid RM 80++ pax, hotel, transport arranged (to hotel, ground zero, makan angin around Padang Besar) except soru and registeration. after that, RUN!
...i'm free and flying

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Hong Leong Charity Run

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

MORE than 100,000 runners are expected to turn up for the sixth Hong Leong Foundation Charity Run to be held on April 10 at 23 locations nationwide..

..The registration fee is RM10 and participants are entitled to a T-shirt, drinks, goodies and a chance to win lucky draw prizes...

..The run will be held simultaneously at Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Ipoh, Sitiawan, Taiping, Malacca, Muar, Penang, Sungai Petani, Alor Star, Kuantan, Mentakab, Seremban, Port Dickson, Johor Baru, Kluang, Batu Pahat, Pontian, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Kuching, Miri and Sibu...

Read full news at TheStar

2nd Kedah 12Hour Run

- To create spirit of challenge
- Train for endurance and stronger body.
Date: 24/25-3-2005
Time: 7.00pm to 7.00am
Persatuan Larian Jarak Jauh Kedah Utara (North Kedah Long Distance Run Association)
Pekan Kubang Sepat, Mk,Air Hitam,Kubang Pasu,Kedah Darul Aman.
- Men Open,
- Women Open
Entry Fee:
- Member:RM6.00
- Non Member RM 12.00
- Register on race day and after closing date: RM 12.00(member) & RM24.00(non member)
1028, Bee Bee Park, 05400 Alor Setar,Kedah.
- Cheque/Money Order
- Please write to: Persatuan Larian Jarak Jauh Kedah Utara.
Telephone: 04-7725220
Closing date: 10.3.2005
Rule of competition:
- Start and finish at the club house ,the distance of every round is 3.5km.
- Every round take a card which have your number and timing, throw in a box on the table infront of official.
- Participant allow to rest or walk and run at time limit,but cannot go the other place for rest ,except for toilet at club house.
- Participant allow to withdraw from race at anytime,and the distance will take count.
- Organiser will announce every 4 hours the total distance for top 20 men open placing and top 10 placing for women open.
- Drink/Food: Rest station will provide enough food, drink and nice tim sum at anytime.
- Men Open: Base on the distance completed,at least finish 50km, organiser will give to 1-3 winners certificate and trophy, if break 100km, will add cash money (RM150/100/50), 4-10 placing will receive certificate and medal.
- Women Open: Base on the distance completed,at least finish 40km, organiser will give to 1-3 winners certificate and trophy,if break 90km,will give cash money (RM150/100/50), 4-6 placing will receive certificate and medal.
- Others: Participant who finish atleast 40km and above will receive certificate.

Time for prize presentation:
25.3.2005 at 8.00am
All the certificate will send by organiser.

Organiser will change any rule above if it is necessary. Tey

Monday, 21 February 2005

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 9/12

My training plan for Week 7.
Mon 14/02 - Rest
Tue 15/02 - 8
Wed 16/02 - 10
Thu 17/02 - 8
Fri 18/02 - Rest
Sat 19/02 - 10
Sun 20/02 - Rest
Distance: 36

Actual plan
Mon 14/02 - Rest
Tue 15/02 - 8km 20.44/ 21.16 (42.00). From office to Gurun T junction
Wed 16/02 - Rest
Thu 17/02 - 12km 1:02.01. Around Gurun town
Fri 18/02 - 5km 27.09. Taman Semeling Indah to AIMST
Sat 19/02 - 8km 21.44/ 21.17 (43.92) Taman Semeling Indah to Semeling T junction
Sun 20/02 - Rest
Distance: 33

My training plan for Week 8.
This week is my last running program. Gulp! need to cover 60+ again...
Mon - Rest
Tue - 8
Wed - 11
Thu - 9.5
Fri - Rest
Sat - 6.5
Sun - 32
Distance: 67

So.. my game plan.. for Week 8.
This week my wife kena attend a Subject course trainning at Langkawi for a whole week from Monday to Thursday. Aduih! kena jadi bapa mithali. Wake-up more early, pack-up kids stuffs, send Jasmin to Taska. Send Alauddin to Tadika. Then go to office before 7:45am.

..after office hour 5pm. Slot-out, tidy-up my desk.. throw all pending tasks/ files into dust-bin.

..Change to running costume, warm-up and run fast in less an hour.

..Cold down for 10mins

..Pick-up kids at different location and must reach home before 7pm. Transform my Proton to DeLorean. Adjust time, date, location and speed up to 88 miles per hour... and left a fire track..

..Siram pokok.. mandi bebudak.. pi Magrib solat.. makan nasi bungkuih.. buat susu.. karate alaudin if he make Jasmin cry.. karate again.. tepuk bebudak to fall asleep.. tengok news.. and ZZzzzZZzz.. and same routine until Thursday...

Tak pa.. haris.. sabar! this weekend you will get a reward!

Try my best to complete my last running schedule before go to KLIM.
Mon 21/02 - 10
Tue 22/02 - Outstation to Penang. Go to money changer
Wed 23/02 - 12
Thu 24/02 - 10
Fri 25/02 - Rest
Sat 26/02 - Rest
Sun 27/02 - 21
Distance: 53

27 Feb.. will go for Padang Besar Half Marathon with Alex and the geng. Yeeehah! my first international run.. my first trip to Thailand.. my first time to step out of Malaysia!..

...err who got extra grenade?.. pinjam!

Nilai Half Marathon Update!

Was postpone to 27th March 2005. More info to karate the organizer 06-799 3883.


Friday, 18 February 2005

4th International Thailand Temple Run

Date: March 19, 2005
Races: 42km, 21km & 10.5 km Fun Run
Location: Amphoe Amphawa, Samut Songkram province
Start & Finish: Phumrinkkudeethong Temple, Amphoe Ampawa
Medal: Every finisher will receive a commemorative medal.

Start Times:
Marathon 16:30 h
Half Marathon 17:00 h
10.5 km Fun Run 17:30 h

Time Limits:
Marathon 7 hours
Half Marathon 4 hours
10.5 km Fun Run 2 ½ hours

Forms can be download at Forms & Events section

Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 8/12

Training Plan for Week 6.
Mon - 9.5
Tue - 13
Wed - 9.5
Thu - Rest
Fri - 8
Sat - 29
Sun - Rest
Total = 69

Easy Part
Mon 07/02 - rest
Tue 08/02 - rest

Wed 09/02 - 3.5km x 6, 21km @ Lake Garden & kedarah.
1- 18.39,
2- 18.18,
3- 18.14,
4- 18.20,
5- 6.25 + 18.06,
6- 18.37

Thu 10/02 - rest & kedarah
Fri 11/02 - rest & kedarah lagi..

Sat 12/02 - 39 1/2km
1- 10km - 58.54
2- 9km - 58.15 (1:57.09)
3- 9km - 1:03.11 (3:00.27)
4- 10km - 1:02.45 (4:03.12)
5- 1 1/2km - 13.25 (4:16.38) Add 1 loop of Taman Jublee

Sun 13/02 - rest

Total = 60 1/2km

Training Plan for Week 7
Mon - 9.5
Tue - Rest
Wed - 8
Thu - Rest
Fri - 8
Sat - Rest
Sun - 6.5
Total = 32

My game plan for Training Plan Week 7
Mon 14/02 - Rest
Tue 15/02 - 8
Wed 16/02 - 10
Thu 17/02 - 8
Fri 18/02 - Rest
Sat 19/02 - 10
Sun 20/02 - Rest
Distance: 36

Larian Komuniti Sihat Pendidik

Venue: Menara Alor Setar
Date: 18 February 2005
Distance: 5km
Prize: 1, 2 & 3: Medal & cash
Further info can contact Mr. Tan 012-4554490

Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Half Marathon Training @ Lake Garden

Wednesday 09/02,

Accidentally i tersinggah Taiping after drove back from Ipoh for outstation works on tuesday, though i want to straight away drove back to Bedong.. coz tomorrow got my officemate wedding kenduri. but.. badan too tired already.. hate long distance drive. but not on claim heheeee..

So.. pepagi buta after subuh, went to Lake Garden (LG). Plan to meet with Zul to run together around Lake Garden. Waited him came down from Bukit Larut (his family spend 2D/1N at Bukit Larut).. 15mins.. no batang hidung.. 7:30am, ran with slow pace around big loop of LG.

LG, 7am, already alot of people, though today public holiday & CNY.. LG sunyi.. but i'm wrong. Chinese.. pun ramai. Tak pi raya ka? Semalam main bunga api sikit punya hebat pong pang pong pang.. tak letih ka?.

LG, never sunyi punya.. even late night pun riuh rendah.. with tiger, elephant, cipan, monyet.. that is in the Zoo but if outside, pun riuh rendah... i don't know la..

Did 3.5km x 6 laps.. fuh! half marathon!
1 - 18.39
2 - 18.18
3 - 18.14
4 - 18.20
5 - 6.25 + 18.06
6 - 18.37
Distance: 21km (1:56.41) - Personal best training run

5th lap, kena jawap panggilan alam. Before, while at 4th lap, already received a ringing tone and toilet still close... huh! mampus! celah mana tak simpan nih.. Luckily it's open after i pass by at 5th lap. First customer..

Nowadays, my in-laws also sudah rajin join me for jogging. They came with my wife & kids at 8:15am. Both of them did a slow jog and my wife played with kids at playground.

Actually, on Monday night we plan to balik Taiping, easy for me to drive to Ipoh for outstation work on next day... My wife call them to prepare some dinner upon reach and they ask my wife to pack also kids shoes & track bottom.
"Kita pi jogging dengan atuk dan opah pagi esok" said my in-law to cucu kesayangan dia.. Alauddin. So shock to hear that.. betoi ka? Usually they continue sleep after Subuh.

But, suddenly ada big batu coming and we postpone to next day morning (Tuesday) to Taiping & Ipoh.

Monday, 14 February 2005

Formula One Run

Date: 27 Feb, 2005
Venue: Sepang, Selangor
Distance: 2.5km & 10km
Entry Fee: RM10
Contact: MDS at 03-8706 1090/1016/9493/1641

..again, tarak hari lain kaa.. mau buat. Hebat sangat ka 27 Feb ni?. For sure i will go for IronMan at Langkawi.. arrrk!

Today, I got a Border Pass.. yeeehaaaah!! my first international run.. Padang Besar Half Marathon. Feel like katak duduk dalam tempurung.. never in my life langkah keluaq Malaysia.. and frankly after 5 years stay in Kedah.. i never go to P.Langkawi.. Maybe Mahathir Marathon may force me to go to P.Langkawi.

So.. don't ask me where nice places to stay in P.Langkawi.. Please check the net!

Monday, 7 February 2005

New Balance 15km Run

Org: Pacesetters
Venue: Tasik Perdana K.Lumpur
Date: 22 May 2005
Time: 7am

Form available at Events & Forms section.

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 7/12

Training Plan Week 5
Mon - 10
Tue - Rest
Wed - 12
Thu - 10
Fri - 8
Sat - 26
Sun - Rest
Total = 62

Easy Part
Mon 31/01 - 10km 25.34/ 24.19 (49.54)
Tue 01/02 - Rest
Wed 02/02 - 12km 57.17
Thu 03/02 - 10km 54.13 (easy run)
Fri 04/02 - Rest
Sat 05/02 - 24km 2:21.48
Sun 06/01 - Rest
Total distance = 56km

Plan for Week 6 Training Plan.
Mon - 9.5
Tue - 13
Wed - 9.5
Thu - Rest
Fri - 8
Sat - 29
Sun - Rest
Total = 69

My game plan for Week 6 Training Plan.
Mon 07/02 - Rest
Tue 08/02 - Ceh! kena pi outstation plak.. to Ipoh.
Wed 09/02 - Carbo load (kenduri)
Thu 10/02 - Carbo load (kenduri)
Fri 11/02 - 10 (easy run)
Sat 12/02 - 42 (2nd attempt, try to finish marathon distance)
Sun 13/02 - rest
Total = 52

This week, raya cina and also got alot kenduri. Tak pi pun, tak elok lak.. kawan satu department at office. After raya cina, geng SP runners will be running to cover marathon distance. Same route, from Taman Jublee to Tupah. Start at 4:30am. Got 3-4 members also will do their first marathon at KLIM 2005.

Friday, 4 February 2005

27 February..

Ada larian 3 serangkai.. Semua best2 and also got pro & con. Mostly the con is $$$. Looking on my Marathon training schedule, that week i should cover 32k. Daripada training run without medal.. so decide to run a race on 27 February. Where?..

Option 1
1. Padang Besar
a. My first international run.
b. Go with Alex, car pool..
c. 21km
d. Finisher medals... i heard laa.. but reading on brochure.. like rat looking at tongkoi kayu.
a. Kena buat border pass.
b. Register/lodging - pakai nasib.
c. $$ but convert to baht.. $$$$$

2. Nilai 3 Half Marathon
a. Lucky draw.. Shop lot/ car.. if lucky laaa..
b. Domestic run
c. 21km
a. Too far
b. $$
c. No transport.. harap kawan.
d. Medal 300.. but tak boleh harap, banyak geng kilat.

3. Tamirin Run
a. Zul & Najib maybe will join
b. Nearest @ Bukit Mertajam
a. 10km - too short to cover my Marathon training schedule
b. Medal 1-10th.. sure no medal for me.

Think, will run at Padang Besar.

Thursday, 3 February 2005

Long Distance Training Run

Venue: Taman Jublee
Distance: 21km (Taman Jublee to Semeling)
Date: 12 Feb 2005
Time: 5:30am (Please contact Mr. Teoh 019-4483138, to confirm time)

Club short meeting after the run.

Welcome to SP Runners Club!

After i did my longest run train last Saturday 29/01. My 10km & 12km timing improved!.. ran in same route. Macam nak putus kaki.. Anyway, best! renew personal best training... tidoq tak lena..

Tue 25/01 - 10km 25.59/ 26.21 (52.20)
Thu 27/01 - 10km 26.12/ 26.47 (52.59)
Mon 31/01 - 10km 25.34/ 24.19 (49.54)

Wed 26/01 - 12km 1:02.17
Wed 02/02 - 12km 57.17

Just been informed by Mr. Teoh, our running club registration name approved! and Sijil pendaftaran sudah keluar. Our running club name... SP RUNNERS.

I kena buat registration form untuk new members, those who want to join. And seem that i got my personal weblog... so they paksa me to be Psychotary likes PM17. Form will available within a few weeks more... may be after CNY.

This first running club in Sungai Petani is open to everybody, any age, any races. Our board of directors also range from india, cina, malay, campur & etc.

Do contact Mr. Teoh at 019-4483138 or Ah Chai at 012-5547587 for further details or to be a member

Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Larian KRT Tamirin

Org: Pusat KRT Taman Impian Ria & Indah, Bukit Mertajam
Date: 27/02/2005 at 7:30am
Dist: 10km
Close Date: 13/02/2005
Fee: RM 5.00
Tel: 0124755555 / 0124071863
email: /

A - Open Men (19-39+)
B - Open Women (19-39+)
C - Men Veteran (40+)
D - Men Junior (13-18+)
E - women Junior (13-18+)

1. Tropy - 1st, 2nd & 3rd (each category)
2. Medal - 4th - 10th
3. Cert - < 90mins finishers & entitle for lucky draw.
More than 50 lucky draw to be win.

Forms can be download at Events & Forms section.

..arkk.. ku dalam dilemma.. Padang Besar, Nilai 3 or Bkt Mertajam.. Alex, racun aku pi Padang Besar.. nearly decide to make a border pass... this week. Nak lambung syiling ada 2 side saja...

Road to KLIM05: Tracking - Week 6/12

Training Plan Week 4
Mon - Rest
Tue - 10
Wed - 12
Thu - 10
Fri - Rest
Sat - 30
Sun - Rest
Total = 62

Hard Easy Part
Mon 24/01 - Rest
Tue 25/01 - 10km 25.59/ 26.21 (52.20)
Wed 26/01 - 12km 1:02.17
Thu 27/01 - 10km 26.12/ 26.47 (52.59)
Fri 28/01 - Rest
Sat 29/01 - 39km 10km 55.40, 9km 51.20 (1:47.01), 9km 53.01 (2:40.03), 10km 1:01.41 (3:41.45), 1km 8.36 (3:50.21)
Sun 30/01 - Rest
Total distance = 71km

Plan for Week 5 Training Plan.
Gulp!.. again need to cover 60km+!..
Mon - Rest
Tue - 9.5
Wed - 13
Thu - 9.5
Fri - Rest
Sat - 8
Sun - 26
Total = 66

My game plan for Week 5 Training Plan
Mon 01/02 - 10
Tue 02/02 - Rest
Wed 03/02 - 12
Thu 04/02 - 10
Fri 05/02 - 8
Sat 06/02 - 26
Sun 07/02 - Rest

Yesterday, (tuesday) satu family kena diarrhoea. After went for dinner at one of stalls near Sungai Petani clock tower. Opposite Klinik Pergigian.. Both of us took an MC yesterday and flat a whole day. Damn!!

Lesson learn: Later for KLIM, won't try having dinner outside, 1-2 weeks before...

For long distance run this weekend, probably will run alone after subuh, from my home (Taman Semeling Indah - TSI) to Pekan Bedong, u-turn go up to Tupah, u-turn to TSI. It takes more than 24km. 30km.. i think.